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  1. buttertart

    Favus - my Serama Hen has it.

    It took me a long time to finally figure out exactly what she has, and it is Favus (I THINK COULD BE WRONG OF COURSE) Poor girl started off lost all her under side feathers, and had a thick coat of flaky, thick and some yellowish skin. Her feathers were under trying to grow through and...
  2. buttertart

    Eggs rolled around in lock down

    I know you are not supposed to do anything during lock down, but.... my automatic humidity humidikit is in the top of the incubator. I saw it was dripping in that location landing on eggs, causing them to actually wet and water between them where they were touching. So in my effort to just...
  3. buttertart

    Egg bound but not sick???

    My red layer started walking like a penguin last Friday. I brought her in Epsom salt bath, beefed up calcium for her by crushing calcium supplements i have and put in her food. Dark quiet spot waiting for that egg to lay. Continued on with this Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Well Monday...
  4. buttertart

    How many roosters are too many roosters?

    I started my chicken days at the end of March 2017. I bought 11 red sex link (females) from a farm supply store. I bought six black sex link from a local small place. Five hens and one rooster. All the birds were marked properly as sex links are. I purposely bought one black rooster, he had...
  5. buttertart

    socializing chicks with older chicks

    my black sex links are now almost two weeks old now my red sex links are almost five weeks now So I have 11 red sex links that are almost five weeks old. My first time having chickens I could not believe how fast they are growing. I have 6 black link chicks that are just almost 2 weeks...
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