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  1. ranchhand

    Mom Anne's FRUITCAKE For All You Fruitcake Haters!

    Seriously, I hate the ooey, gooey, sticky fruitcakes. But this is drier and much better! Any gaps, let me know, I'll adjust! Mom Anne’s Fruitcake, for Fruitcake Haters 1 lb. of butter, at room temp 1 lb. of sugar (2-1/3 cups) 10 large eggs 1 lb. flour (4-3/4 – 5 cups) 1-1/2 cups apple juice...
  2. ranchhand

    Peabody Hotel in Memphis Hiring a Duckmaster ! MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) - The historic Peabody Hotel is looking to hire an Assistant Duckmaster. There are three Peabody Hotels and only six Duckmasters in the world. Jason Sensat is the Memphis hotel's...
  3. ranchhand

    Why Do I, The Silkie NON-Lover, Have a Broody Silkie?

    Because Sourland sends broody vibes all over the map, Gritsar adores her Silkies, Kitt worships her Silkies....... and I obviously spent TOO MUCH TIME around the 3 of them. LOOK WHAT Y'ALL HAVE DONE TO ME!!!!!! There's gonna be a dust-up folks!
  4. ranchhand

    SOURLAND! I Thought We Were Friends! What Have You Done? Broody DUCKS!

    A sad betrayal, indeed. I went out to freshen the waterers, lock everyone up for the night. I have 3 separate pens, so I do the farthest one first, that being where the new chicks are. Then the middle pen, nearly get mugged by hyperactive hens. Got them settled. Finally finish at the nearest...
  5. ranchhand

    OK, Enough is Enough! Please DON'T Discuss Baby Poop With The World!

    I rarely rant/vent about anything. But I have some younger (30s) family members with a brand new baby girl, their first. Cute as she can be, and certainly on track to be a sweet and overly indulged little girl. Both parents are very smart and well educated, long time internet veterans. And head...
  6. ranchhand

    ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY HarlansHollowAussies!***

    Happy Birthday! Hope it's a happy day!
  7. ranchhand

    **Geese as Watchdogs? Coyotes? HELP My Sister Out, Please!**

    Thank you in advance for any help! My sister lives in mid-state SC. They have lots of coyotes there now, and that's one reason she's never gotten chickens. She has asked me if a flock of geese will keep the coyotes away- she heard that the 'yotes will eat the eggs if they can, but the geese...
  8. ranchhand

    *** Happy Birthday Lunachick!!!!!!!! ***

    Happy Birthday!!!! (and Tax Day!) Hope you have a wonderful weekend when the crunch is over!
  9. ranchhand

    ID Time, Step On Up To The Microphone, Please!

    Got one that I can't identify, hopefully someone can. Please keep it nice- we are a certified wildlife habitat, so I have to tread carefully. (let's not mention that murderous possum I shot last year.....) Okay, this critter was here last spring and moved on after a month or so. Danged if it or...
  10. ranchhand

    *Happy Birthday Imp !!!*

    Imp, hope you have a wonderful birthday!
  11. ranchhand

    Sending a PM and Staying In Messages?

    I may be delusional, so feel free to say so. Many have and many will. It seems to me that up until a short while ago I could be in a thread, click on PM under a user name and send them a PM. Then it would go to Messages, since I had sent a message. Now it takes me back to the first post in the...
  12. ranchhand

    For The Rakish Old Ladies Of BYC! :-D ......

    Credit is given at the end, probably not properly done but what do I know of such things! (not much) WHEN I AM AN OLD WOMAN I shall wear purple~ With a red hat that doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me, And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves And satin sandals and say we’ve...
  13. ranchhand

    Looks Like We Have 2 New Moderators! Welcome, ddawn & Happy Chooks!

    We have 2 new moderators with a purple name, congratulations ddawn and Happy Chooks for being exemplary members! Hope it's smooth for you both! I look forward to more of your posts!
  14. ranchhand

    Happy Birthday Highlander! :-d Woot!

    Since Highlander is in Scotland and I am in South Carolina, I figured just this once I'd beat the time zones! Especially since I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, dogs willing! Hope it a lovely, happy birthday, hun, ! WOOHOO!
  15. ranchhand

    Delaware Blue Hen- Cockeral or Pullet? Aaaaaaaaaagh! Pics Included!

    This little stinker is now 8.5 months old. Should be pretty clear, right? NOT!!!! I was convinced it was a cockeral shortly after hatch. Then after a few months, I was convinced it was a pullet. Now? I have no idea! Hasn't crowed, but I don't have any other roosters around it. No breeding...
  16. ranchhand

    Save Your Sanity! LG Incubator Thermostat Knob Adaptor

    I saw reference to this a couple years ago and even though I didn't have an LG then, the concept stuck. I recently got an LG to use as a hatcher and now I know why so many complain about getting the temperature just right- that dinky stick knob is useless. Here's the fix- it's the cap from a...
  17. ranchhand

    World's Fanciest Household Helper, Must See This Tool!

    I did this years ago, never thought it was special until someone saw me using it last week and said Wow! I feel a bit silly posting it, but hey, anything that makes work easier is a good thing! I have a broom I really like and didn't want the bristles to get bent. My brooms tended to be leaned...
  18. ranchhand

    Does This Box Make My Butt Look Fat?

    This is Woodrow, a rescue cat. He's been enjoying life and FOOD a bit much....... but that doesn't stop him from trying on all boxes! He's about 20 pounds now-
  19. ranchhand

    WTB - Bantam Cochin Hatching Eggs, Non-Hatchery Stock, Good to SQ

    Hi, I am looking for bantam Cochin hatching eggs - better than hatchery quality. Will pay via PayPal for fresh eggs and shipping, careful packaging and TLC. Priority Mail shipping and yes, I know the risks of hatching shipped eggs. Color is not too important, but I REALLY like the buffs and...
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