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  1. ducks4you

    Flock murdered, WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS!!!!!

    Background: Member of BYC since 2009, chicken owner since 2006. I found THIS on November 27th~
  2. ducks4you

    Who has used a Heat Mat for newly hatched chicks?

    I bought one of these last Fall: Still in the box, but I'm tempted to use it for my chicks this year. I don't like the lamps, and...
  3. ducks4you

    Rooster with two testicles

    I just butchered some of my 4 1/2 month old Dark Cornish roosters. Surprisingly, I found that one of my roosters had two testicles! I'm new to butchering, just started about 6 years ago, so it was surprising enough to discover that the birds only had one. Has anybody else seen this? Was this...
  4. ducks4you

    Rural King "Amish" PreFab Coop

    We bought and took one day to put it together. I like the finished product. I like the prefab pieces. I recommend that you get one if you are keeping 12 chickens or less, even though the ad suggested 12-15 could fit. What I didn't like was that the holes were definitely NOT predrilled. If...
  5. ducks4you

    Rural King "Amish" coop and assembly

    I am buying this coop this week, and assemble at home: No real problems, but I want opinions. 1) Should I build it and leave the legs (feet) on the ground' OR 2) Should I put bricks underneath the legs What is the best for drainage? I have a...
  6. ducks4you

    I need ideas for my coop roof

    Finally gonna get that big coop built, after many attempts at 1/2 a.slurpie.slurpie outdoor enclosures (renamed for the benefit of this family forum.) I need recommendations. I like chicken wire, but it sags. I built two 2 x 4 boxes covered with chicken wire for the 12 x 12 temporary coop, but...
  7. ducks4you

    Pick my roost

    I NEED OPINIONS ON MAKING MY ROOSTS. =D Had to start a new thread bc my other thread was ignored. **sigh** I am paring my 20 bird flock down to 6 layers--we're eating the 3 roosters and other 11 hens--bc I'm tired of taking my QH's stall for the birds for the winter. So, we're modifying a...
  8. ducks4you

    Gone for awhile...but still questions

    You'll probably laugh that I still haven't built a coop, even though I still have kept between 20-40 birds for the past five years. gelding "Buster Brown" gets his stall back this winter. DH has talked me into alternative housing during the summer, and the birds have been inside the...
  9. ducks4you

    Which EE plumage gets me deep blue eggs?

    OK. 2013 was a bust year incubating. DH was getting a kick out of creating the mixed breed flock, but no eggs hatched. I ended up buying chicks from McMurray. I bought 25...then sent 27 (mix) and everyone lived...except I've been butchering roosters, as you do. Anyway, I only need 4/6...
  10. ducks4you

    Anybody have a place in their coop for dirt baths?

    Here's the deal: DD had an April, 2011 wedding, horses needed training, coop did NOT get built in 2011, chickens are spending ANOTHER winter in a horse stall. =( But, it's pretty big--12 x 16. I had to move some rubber mats out so I put in garden dirt over 78 square feet and my flock of 15...
  11. ducks4you

    Will my chickens eat squash bugs?

    My beds with squashes were LOADED with squash bugs in 2011. Can't use chemical insecticides bc my horses graze closeby and I'll be using chicken tractors next year--would they eat them? Not sure, since they like the fruit, too. I'm considering planting extras to sacrifice to the chickens and...
  12. ducks4you

    Christmas superstition

    The snow in Montana post and the post with the GSD puppy (makes you melt ) got ME thinking about Christmas and a REALLY random superstition that I have. I have this belief that the predominant color for a particular Christmas (color used in the ads and in the stores) is indicative of the...
  13. ducks4you

    Word wrap on BYC homepage

    I can't seem to find a tool on the toolbar to wrap my text around my pictures. Could you help? Thx
  14. ducks4you

    Coop started--just beginning stages--going crazy w/q's!!!

    I've been on this site a long time, but I've cheated with a coop, a little like James T. Kirk and The Kobayashi Maru scenario (are you reading this, wifezilla?!?!). Now, I'm in earnest. I know it's gonna get done, but I need to ask some questions. Hope you can help and any suggestions are...
  15. ducks4you

    Is there a link in "Coop Designs" for Nest boxes, or did I miss it =/

    I'm building right now. I spent last winter studying all of the coop pages (that apply to my size coop.) I've been reading threads, and linking idea threads on My BYC Page. I just wondered if you had the space to create a page for nest boxes, and link it to "Coop Designs." Thanks!!
  16. ducks4you

    NAIS--Did YOU miss this thread here?

    Our site is now so BIG, it's easy to miss a thread. Did you miss THIS ONE? What do you, many of whom are in the bird meat business, think of NAIS rearing it's ugly head, yet again?
  17. ducks4you

    Garage Sale Ideas, PLEASE!! =D

    Okay, I posted this already on SSF, but it petered out. I'm counting on the 64K+ here to help me with ideas. Here's the scoop: I am more than super-excited about an upcoming garage sale. To call it that is probably not correct, but here's what's happening. DH's office "Strip Mall" is...
  18. ducks4you

    Closing in on 60K!!!!!

    Just thought I'd mention we're now at 59,300ish....
  19. ducks4you

    Hens having a Cxxx, er, I mean "Rooster" Fight when moved

    Just expanded the hen's dog-kennel chain linked enclosure from 10x10 to 10x20. Sooo, it was time to take my 7 RIR girls (they're over one year old now) from the "stall in the barn coop" to the outside world, again. After chasing them all of the 12 x 16 stall, I get the last hen into the...
  20. ducks4you

    Considering a future bird turnover

    I'm happy with my little red hens, (RIR's), all laying more eggs than I need right now. I slaughered their 3 brothers last Fall. I was wondering if anybody else keeps their layers for a few years, then gets more chicks to replace then, THEN sends the slackers to freezer camp (after the newbies...
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