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    What dilution do you use in the sprayer per gallon?
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    I’m fighting it as well in a few coops... I’ve tried elector psp and I can’t beat them
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    Cream Legbar Chick sexes

    What breeds does she have
  4. Doublete

    Cream Legbar Chick sexes

    One looks like it could be a CL The other has some SFH coloring (some hatch with that color) Do you not know where they came from?
  5. Doublete

    Places that sell chicks during not chick days

    Well if you’re interested feel free to send me a message!
  6. Doublete

    Cream Legbar???

    They’re Bielefelder Those are easy to mix up as chicks They’re autosexing as well Mine are molting and aren’t laying
  7. Doublete

    Places that sell chicks during not chick days

    Where in Maryland? I’m in pa on the border and have chicks
  8. Doublete

    Dressed Carcass Picture Chart

    My dogs need food too... The guy that helps me around here wanted to try ayam Cemani meat so I said bring a cooler next time I can’t kill my own- they go to a processor. I would become a vegetarian if I was doing the processing
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    Dressed Carcass Picture Chart

    Yea I’m really struggling with it.. looks awful I’m thinking about feeding it to my dogs
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    Dressed Carcass Picture Chart

    I processed 3 mosaic roosters... not large size but I’m having a tough time with black/dark meat
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    The seller told me “they're all chamois, the dark ones will lighten with each feathering & the brown & dark brown goes away. Once in a great while I'll hatch a silver from the chamois eggs but none of yours look silver at all. The wings & tail will feather lighter first, then the body & the head...
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    They’re only a few days old and in the brooder There’s a Nankin in there with them
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    I hatched chamois spangled spitzhauben... They were very hard to find but I hatched 6 of 7 shipped eggs
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    USPS charged me $14.10

    I never realized there was an actual interception fee! My P.O. holds my mail if I have hatching eggs or birds or chicks any time knowing I’m coming. I’m practically on speed dial. One time I did call them and asked them to set aside my packages for pickup specifically and they did- no problem.
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    F3 OE rooster

    No as in you can’t use them to improve or do anything. You use the hens.
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    Best inexpensive incubator???

    I’m selling one of the ones I bought in May. I already sold 2. I had 6 bators running and finally upgraded to a gqf cabinet. I’m keeping my hovabator table tops because I personally like them better. But I figure with two hovabators and a cabinet I don’t need 4 farm innovators lol
  17. Doublete

    Mustang Fencing

    I said I would respond! I’ll log on my computer later tonight because it’s a long response. If you get fillies (2 years or younger) they’re easier to gentle. Older are Very hard and if you aren’t experienced.. might be out of your range. The blm requires (or did) separate enclosures for each...
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    Rehoming my Broody and Feeling so Guilty!!

    I bought a small coop from a lovely older lady that enjoys her chickens greatly and admired her beautiful bantam lavender Cochin. She called me recently to buy two cream legbar pullets and the day after she had them home she offered me the two Cochin because “they’re just no fun- they are...
  19. Doublete

    Double Yolker With Double Babies

    Just a hint... the less handling (and candling) you do... the better it is... I try to candle only twice during incubation. 3 times if necessary
  20. Doublete

    Listless Chicken with Lolling Head - Need Antibiotic Options! Please Help!

    Could also be coccidia depending on the age when you moved them out...
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