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    Comment by 'Momagain1' in article 'Canning Recipe Candied Jalapenos Aka Cowboy Candy'

    we absolutely LOVE this recipe!! This year we actually canned jalapenos and added habaneros as well...
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    Canning Recipe Golden Crunchy Pickled Onions

    Ingredients: •6 pounds small to medium mild onions •72 whole cloves •72 whole black peppercorns •12 teaspoons mustard seed •6 teaspoons celery seed •8 cups cider vinegar •2 cups water •4 cups sugar •2 teaspoons salt •6 teaspoons ground turmeric •1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon Cooking...
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    Canning Recipe Asian Chicken Stock

    Ingredients: Ingredients: •2 pounds of chicken trimmings (Preferably mostly feet and necks, but you can use any combination of bones, meat and skin that you can find.) •1 head of garlic, intact, but rubbed to remove the papery exterior •1 (2-inch) piece of fresh ginger •optional, 2 fresh...
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    Canning Recipe Basic Chicken Stock

    Ingredients: •2 pounds chicken trimmings (backs, necks, bones, fat, skin, and cleaned chicken feet, if available. Above all, make sure you have many uncooked bones in the mix.) •2 large carrots, scrubbed and broken in half •2 stalks of celery, scrubbed and broken in half •1 large onion, halved...
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    Canning Recipe Candied Jalapenos Aka Cowboy Candy

    Ingredients: Ingredients: 3 pounds fresh, firm, jalapeno peppers, washed 2 cups cider vinegar 6 cups white granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoon turmeric 1/2 teaspoon celery seed 3 teaspoons granulated garlic 1 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper Cooking Instructions Yield: About 9 half-pint jars of...
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    Canned Barbecue Beans El Pollo Loco Bbq Black Beans Clone

    Ingredients: •1 pound (or slightly more) black beans or a mix of pinto and black beans, rinsed, picked over and soaked 8 hours or overnight •2 onions, peeled and small •5 small cloves garlic, minced •2 1/2 cups barbecue sauce (I used my favorite homemade Kansas City style sauce, but bottled...
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    Canning Recipe Thai Sweet And Hot Garlic Dipping Sauce

    Ingredients: Ingredients: •1/2 cup finely minced fresh garlic (Peel and mince your own garlic, please. Pre-minced garlic in jars just isn’t good enough for this recipe.) •1 Tablespoon Kosher salt •6 cups cider vinegar •6 cups granulated white sugar •3/4 cup (less if your heat tolerance is...
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    Momagain1s Page

    The Stevens "fake" Farm Hello everyone! My name is Marshawn, my nickname you all can call me is "Mar". This started years upon years ago after I was on the internet on so many forums everyone wanted to shorten my name; hence "Mar". I am a mom of four. Brittany is 20, Jeron he is 13, Elayna is 7...
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    Comment by 'Momagain1' in article 'Canning Blueberry Pie Filling'

    Sounds like a great easy recipe!!
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