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  1. JennsPeeps

    Prolapse: 1) how long to heal? & 2) confine to dark room?

    Hi all, been absent for a long time but popping in with a question. We've got 2 polish who lay enormous eggs: ~58g (roughly the same as our BR and BA!). This is Beaker's egg on the right: I noticed last weekend that Beaker had a mild prolapse. It's about the size of a small grape. We've...
  2. JennsPeeps

    Two years later, we replaced our old coop with a new one

    We became chicken tenders (heh) about 2 years ago with a wee flock of 3. That flock now numbers 9. Whoops! Old coop: New coop: I was cranky on the day I...
  3. JennsPeeps

    2 yo BSL laying shell-less eggs - ideas?

    We have 9 hens, 8 of whom have been laying regularly. We've noticed lately that our BSL, Gwen, has been having troubles laying. Gwen has been laying shell-less eggs for at least a month now. The other hens find & eat her "eggs" so we don't know how often this is occurring, though I've seen it...
  4. JennsPeeps

    RIP, Tribble. You didn't know you were small

    RIP, you feisty little unproductive bowling ball. We came home tonight to discover that our banty cochin, Tribble, had a wound at her vent and she was in bad shape. We suspect maggots in poop that was caked around her vent. Or maybe it was related to her internal laying. DH culled her...
  5. JennsPeeps

    Cute chicken commercial

  6. JennsPeeps

    Spiced jasmine rice

    I made spiced pork chops from the most recent Cooking Light magazine for dinner last night: I quadrupled the recipe and threw it with chops into a baggie, then grilled them up - delicious! But what to...
  7. JennsPeeps

    God bless my little Polish

    Beaker, our wee splash Polish, laid her first egg the day before we returned from our honeymoon (Sept 14). She was 19 1/2 weeks at the time and has become a great little layer, laying us 35-gram eggs about 5x/week. What a great little bird! Beaker is in the upper right hand corner of this pic:
  8. JennsPeeps

    Dbf -> Df -> Dh

    It's official. I'm now Mrs. Jenn. I'm still getting used to saying it. Gene and I were married on Labor Day in a beautiful setting overlooking Puget Sound. There had been torrential rain the entire weekend. It even sprinkled a few times before the ceremony. We didn't sweat it and were...
  9. JennsPeeps

    Munch munch... oh yum: baby back ribs

    We made these yesterday to thank our neighbors for cooking at our wedding earlier this month. They were deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-lish! Try them - truly yummy!!
  10. JennsPeeps

    All aboard!!!

    DF loves his girls and they love him
  11. JennsPeeps

    Bok bok bok... SPROING! Bok bok bok... SPROING!

    We think our banty, Tribble, sounds like a clock that's been overwound until the spring breaks. Judge for yourself. You can't see her in the pic - she was shy - but you can hear her & the BSL doing their egg songs. Gwen has a typical egg song. Tribble's is... special. ETA pic of Tribble:
  12. JennsPeeps

    KitchenAid attachments

    Which KitchenAid attachments do you have and how often do you use them? I'm registered for several and am trying to decide what to get/keep. Here's what I've deemed worth of my limited kitchen space: 1. Ice cream maker 2. Pasta rollers & cutter What do you have & use? What do you have & not use?
  13. JennsPeeps

    DF bought me a Kitchenaid!!

    A KITCHEN Aid!! $200 on craigslist. Now my Kitchen Aid fund is a Kitchen Aid attachment fund!! I also just got a new blender ($50) and a Martha Stewart 7qt dutch oven (reduced from $169 to $40). Gotta love wedding registries. Edited to keep things family-friendly. ~Lisa~
  14. JennsPeeps

    How long are fertile eggs good?

    We had a RIR go broody and picked up 8 banty eggs for her. Now she seems uninterested. We think the eggs are a few days old. How long will they be viable?
  15. JennsPeeps

    Collections at work for group gift - update post 23!

    What's your cut-off for a group gift for a co-worker? Does 3 people combining funds to purchase a $10 gift come off as cheap?
  16. JennsPeeps

    16-week old Polish pullet squatting

    My little Polish splash, Beaker, has ruby red wattles and does a hard core squat when approached. I'll be a monkey's uncle if that little pip squeak of a bird lays an egg before her 21-week old BO and BA flockmates!
  17. JennsPeeps

    Time Traveler's Wife Movie!!

    I've read the book twice and loved it. Every time I saw the trailer I wept. I cried my way through the entire movie, which was well done. I loved it. If you're a fan of the book, seeing the movie will not make you mad. It's a lovely interpretation of the book.
  18. JennsPeeps

    Broody & worms

    We've got our first broody, our RIR. She's been hunkered down on a golf ball for about 2 days now, and claims her flockmate's eggs for her own. Her flockmate has worms. Joy. So we're worming the entire flock before they start laying. We're going to leave the broody since we can't eat her...
  19. JennsPeeps

    Doing a wedding on the cheap: update post 50

    DF's father & step-mom live in another state, and are trying to find in inexpensive flight so that they can come to our wedding next month. I emailed my mom to tell her (my parents live in the same city as us). They have a hide-a-bed in their basement and could easily accomodate my future...
  20. JennsPeeps

    Earliest your polish has laid?

    My little splash polish is about 15 weeks old and is definitely squatting!! Her little wattles are turning red already. She's quite petite and is a screecher... lovely. Here's Beaker almost 2 weeks ago, getting a dunk b/c it was over 100 degrees: What's the earliest your polish has ever...
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