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  1. hossfeathers

    Cotton Patch Geese

    Cotton Patch Geese from stock originally from Tom Walker. Solid females. Two males, four females from 2012 spring hatch. NPIP flock, kept on grass and some grain. Will sell as individuals or trios. Possible discount for all six.
  2. hossfeathers

    (Yet another) pls help id these 'scovy ducklings

    So, mixed flock of Appleyards & Scovies, with both drakes (AY & Scovy) chasing anything with feathers. One muscovy started setting, but I can not say that all of her clutch were her eggs. She sat on nine, hatched four, and I found two eggs with dead ducklings in them (I was unforunately out of...
  3. hossfeathers

    Moon Geese!

    OMG, this is the craziest thing I have seen all month. Quote: And I have to agree with IO9 - it *is* kinda awesome.
  4. hossfeathers

    CPG eggs!

    Ladies & Gentlefolk, I present to you... MAGIC EGGS! Now they are not there... NOW THEY ARE!!! I am so excited, and trying to decide what to do with them - incubating them is not going to be an option, as I will be out of town the last part of next month. But at least I did not...
  5. hossfeathers

    Reminder letter of NPIP changes

    My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I just got around to opening a letter from the USDA regarding proposed changes to the NPIP. Proposed changes are due to the NPIP office by 27 April, 2012. Present provisions can be found at...
  6. hossfeathers

    Muscovy Duck Breeds

    A friend actually inspired me to post this, following a discussion of small-sized ducks. Does anyone have any information on any breeds that have been developed of Muscovy Ducks? I know that there is a French/European white meat production strain, as well as the various color varieties. I...
  7. hossfeathers

    Holderread Winter Sales?

    Does anyone have any insight to the time that Holderread normally offers their adult birds? It really feels like fall-going -on-winter here, and their website still lists last year's offerings. I have already put in a request, but I don't want to bug them, so I would like to know if anyone has...
  8. hossfeathers

    Cotton Patch Association?

    So, post Crossroads, and pending any predator/two legged varmit issues, I am the proud owner of two pairs of CPG. I know of 2-3 (maybe more?) people on this board who also raise CPG. I have heard that a standard is being worked on. Do we have the ability to do any sort of census? Do we...
  9. hossfeathers

    Essay about people and animals

    Article posted in the Smithsonian here: "When I first began to raise geese, in Hawaii, my more literate friends asked me, "Have you read the E. B. White piece?"
  10. hossfeathers

    Hatching under Muscovies?

    Has anyone tried hatching goose eggs under muscovy ducks? Any comments on success vs momma goose or incubator?
  11. hossfeathers

    Cotton Patch Geese in the ABLC newsletter

    For anyone who is an American Livestock Breed Conservatory member - they have an article on Flip Flop ranch, Cotton Patch Geese, and 'goose-assisted therapy' in this month's print newsletter. Good stuff, cool pics. I'll post a link when/if they put the article on-line. Excerpt: The Cotton...
  12. hossfeathers

    Will Spring-hatched 'scovies lay this summer?

    I've got a trio of spring (20 April) hatched 'scovies. They'll be five months (20 weeks) at the end of August. I'm in North Carolina. I'm guessing the females won't start laying until spring. Am I right?
  13. hossfeathers

    Need photo of cotton patch geese EGG

    If anyone has a photo of a cotton patch goose egg (or clutch) hat they would be willing to share for the BYC cotton patch goose page, I would appreciate it.
  14. hossfeathers

    Geese for protecting pastured ducks

    I'm looking into running a mixed herd of ducks (muscovies and appleyards are the current plan) on fenced pasture in semi-urban NC. There may be some dog issues (coyotes much less likely) but my main concern is hawks. Holderread (in the Storey Raising Ducks book) recommended keeping some geese...
  15. hossfeathers

    Keeping Muscovies with other ducks

    I have a question about keeping Muscovies with other ducks. I looked for this in the archives but I didn't find a discussion that answered my question. My intent is to keep a handful of Muscovies (1-2 drakes, 3-5 ducks) for producing meat ducks and just 'cause I like 'Scovies. I currently...
  16. hossfeathers

    Help Id Musovy genders (pics)

    This is a clutch (clutch? litter? mess o'muscovies?) of six that are about 4 weeks old. Mother was pied chocolate and drake was green/black pied, if that makes any difference. I am trying to figure out how many ducklets vs draklets I got. This one (above) is the biggest one, and I'm guessing...
  17. hossfeathers

    Question about light for muscovy ducklings

    I've got six going-on-three-week old Muscovys that I will be putting outside next weekend. (Daytime only for a few weeks.) I've read that exposing young hens to long daylength makes them mature too fast and lay too early. The days are now about 14 hours long (6 am to nearly 8 pm). Is the...
  18. hossfeathers

    WTB Colored Muscovy Ducks in NC - CLOSED!

    UPDATE: Have found Muscovies locally and no longer need any, thanks. Looking for 1-2 drakes, 2-3 hen ducks. I would like colored (black & white, green & white, lavender, choco, what have you) ducks, not all white. Would rather adult birds, not hatchlings, but I'll take what I can get...
  19. hossfeathers

    New City Code in Fayetteville, NC

    The City of Fayetteville, NC, is conducting a 'translation' of the city zoning system. While the city codes do need updating ('Blacksmith' is still a listed commercial category) the city-wide re-zoning goes beyond simply re-assigning codes and significantly changes the rules for animal keeping...
  20. hossfeathers

    New Marans and Araucanas!

    My girls have been in their new home about two weeks now, and seem to be doing very well. I'm still iffy about naming things that will eventually end up in the stew pot, but the big blue Marans - who is molting, and not laying - has been tagged with 'Babe' (as in the blue ox) and the...
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