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  1. texas75563

    Chamois Spangled Spitzhauben Chicks

    I'm looking for Chamois Spangled Spitzhauben Chicks. My neighbor is looking for Gold Spangled Spitzhauben Chicks. Thanks!
  2. texas75563

    Bielefelder Chicks For Sale In North East Texas $35 & $15

    Won't be hatching again until spring of 2015. $35 for females and $15 for males. Location is Linden, Tx. 1st hatch of 2014. Parents are from Greenfirefarm chicks I bought back in March of last year. 1 of the Dads. 2 of the Moms.
  3. texas75563

    Egg just a little bigger than a quarter.

    The possible breeds for this egg normally lay large eggs. Black Sex Links, Buff Orpingtons, Rhodebars, and Bielefelders. I do have 3 creamlegbar hens, none of them are laying at this time. This is a brown egg and not a bluish tint. When they 1st started laying, sure some were on the small side...
  4. texas75563

    Learn from my many mistakes this go around!

    I only had 2 hens laying. I kept eggs for 2 weeks before putting into incubator. My bielefelders I wasn't expect to lay for another month. 1 started laying at 6 months old. Bielefelder rooster was only in 3 days with 26 hens. I originally had too many roosters in with my hens. They killed...
  5. texas75563

    Another 1st Timer

    Naturally since it is my 1st time incubating eggs, I'm not using my eggs. Actually I don't have any eggs. I wanted to get an incubator and get practice in before mine start laying. I asked my neighbor. He was more than happy to volunteer some eggs. He wanted to increase his hamburg numbers...
  6. texas75563

    Deer Logs (Summer Sausage)

    VENISON OR BEEF LOGS 2 lb. extra lean beef or ground venison 2 tsp. Morton’s Tender Quick Curing Salt ¼ tsp. onion salt 1 c. water 1 ½ tsp. liquid smoke 1/8 tsp. garlic powder Mix together all ingredients. Form 3 logs on cookie sheet. Cover with foil and let set in refrigerator 24 to 30 hours...
  7. texas75563

    Ice cream in a Bag

    2 cup milk 2 teaspoon vanilla 4 tablespoon sugar 4 cups crushed ice 1/2 cup salt (The bigger the granules, the better. Kosher or rock salt works best, but table salt is fine.) 2 quart size Zip-loc bags 1 gallon size Zip-loc freezer bag 1 hand towel or gloves to keep fingers from freezing as...
  8. texas75563

    Who Has Stent(s) And For How Long?

    7 years ago I had a heart attack and a stent put in. Wednesday I had another heart attack due to that stent becoming completely blocked. I arrived home from hospital about 2 hours ago. I will try and get some scans made of the pictures tomorrow. I was curious as how long others have gotten out...
  9. texas75563

    What breed is my Rooster? Solved! It's a black sex link.

    He is 6 years old. I've had him for 5. He had a brother looked just like him. Bobcat got him. I got them from a friend. Her 6 year old son terrorized them. Chazed them with sticks, threw balls at them, and chased them with remote controlled cars. They become mean and she got scared of them. With...
  10. texas75563

    Howdy folks! New member from Texas here.

    My pets consist of 1 rooster. 5 years ago had 2 roosters. Bobcat got 1. I eventually got the bobcat. I was doing a search trying to find what breed my roster was, found this site. I been through about 30 pages in "What Breed Or Gender is This?" haven't seen anything like him yet. I have found...
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