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    Hawks Alive!!!!!

    Gone to the Birds Guy here. I am bummed that we lost our first feather baby to a Red tail hawk yesterday. Also bummed that my boys had to witness and handle it ...while I was not home. They managed to get the rest of the flock to safety and then chased the big Raptor off with brooms. My...
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    2 birds out of 10

    Hello my fine feathered friends. I am officially Gone to the Birds! Not only did I invest and spend $ on my ladies/flock during the good I have spent $ in the bad times. Just like marriage! LOL.... After 550$...... I walk away from the experience with my vet..... feeling...
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    Gone to the Birds guy update

    Hello friends So now I have three groups in my flock. I fell victim to CHICKEN MATH! Oh the horror! Anyways I have had our girls for going on 4 years. We started with 4 ... 1 of each....Jubilee Orpington - Daisy, a black Americauana - The Bird, a RI and LH mix - Peeps, and a RI Barr mix -...
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    Poopy butt

    Gone to the Birds Guy here! Hi ... a friend of mine mentioned that she uses diatomaceous earth as sort of a powder bath.....sprinkles it on the chickens butt and then lets it work on its own. I guess it drys or flakes off? Anyway I want to know is this safe? My chicken ....Peeps..... is a...
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    Happy Hens a Laying!

    Hi I am excited to see.... that now 3 of my 4 girls are laying eggs. The latest to get on schedule is the black americauna. We named this one "The Bird" after my youngest son's favorite character in a cartoon tv show. Anyway, she lays a small kind of oblong pointy bluish egg. This new egg...
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    Oh BEHAVE!!!!

    One of my lead hens .... was very entertaining this morning. She periodically kept running back and forth from the yard to the coop house. I am pretty sure she is one of my best layers....lays an egg everyday. What is she doing? Checking on things in the coop house? Getting out of the cold...
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     Home made oyster shell - to be or not to be?

    Hi Friends! Gone to the Birds guy here! My family and I eat a lot of oysters.... can I smash up the shells with a hammer and give that to my young ladies? I am wondering about the size and then of course the sharpness or edges of my smashing oysters. Is there any better way to break up the...
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    Scraps and Leftovers? Oh my!

    I have some old chocolate and cherry bread from Whole Foods..... is it okay to feed this to my girls?
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    Howdy folks! Looking to make new friends and share experiences.

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes we are new to chickens as our own personal family members. Although, I lived in a small one time rural town and I have been around livestock and chickens throughout my childhood. We got our girls in early August 2017...
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