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  1. BlueBaby

    Christmas 2020

    Some people will be spending Christmas time with family tonight and/or tomorrow, but there may be some member's here who have no family to spend that time with. It can be a lonely time for them, so I decided to start this thread where they can stop by and talk to other's who might be around to...
  2. BlueBaby

    Aloha from Manoa's Roost

    This is the first time since I joined that I am starting a thread in this section. I received my Aloha boy today and have decided to name him Manoa after one of the Hawaiian names. I plan to help develop the Naked Neck version of the Aloha's. The Aloha breed was created and developed right here...
  3. BlueBaby

    Is looking for in AZ.

    I am in need of some buff colored Naked Neck's that have the yellow leg's with a little bit of black in the tail's.
  4. BlueBaby


    For the last 2 day's every time sign in and then I want to post here, it tell's me to reset my password. Will you fix that for me, please?
  5. BlueBaby

    Unusual situation help

    My next door neighbor has this broody hen that is all alone over there since the other hen has died. She's picked out 2 of my 6 week old chick's that she want's to get from me, but I'm not sure if she should take them yet or not, with that hen being broody. Would it be safe? Edit: I should also...
  6. BlueBaby

    I have a question for you duck people- SOLVED

    Duck egg's are supposed to be a larger size then the typical chicken egg's, right? Where do you buy the bigger egg carton's from that will hold those egg's? Some of my chicken hen's are laying egg's so big that I am afraid to close the lid on the large size egg carton's. I figured that this...
  7. BlueBaby

    Future crossing result's?

    I have 3 of those brown Barnevelder pullet's that I am waiting for them to get to breeding age. I want to breed them to my NN rooster pictured below. What would the chick's possibly look like?
  8. BlueBaby

    Making my own Showgirl Silkies?

    I have decided to try to make my own Showgirl silkies since I couldn't find any that were available. I know that it's going to be a long-termed project, and that I will have to keep breeding back to silkie's and try to get the type right, I was wondering if anyone else is trying to do this also...
  9. BlueBaby

    Pullet laying double yolks?

    I have this pullet that started laying egg's about 1 1/2 month's ago. Well, for the past 2 week's, she has been laying huge double-yoked eggs like every other day. I finally discovered which pullet that's been doing it today. I know that it is supposed to be common for new layer's to lay these...
  10. BlueBaby

    Silkie showgirl breeder?

    I want some silkie showgirl chick's or hatching egg's, even if they have to be shipped from out of my state of Arizona. Who has them?
  11. BlueBaby

    Arizona- Looking for silkie showgirl chick's or hatching egg's

    I'm looking for some silkie showgirl chick's or hatching egg's that are the correct type with the walnut comb's. I'm not looking for the frizzle or sizzle one's.
  12. BlueBaby

    Thanksgiving funny jokes and stories

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread going with some humor about Thanksgiving since it is coming up. All are welcome to add to it. Let's have some fun, gobble, gobble! I forgot that I have to add this to the first post, so here it is: Please Read First A) By participating in this game...
  13. BlueBaby

    Looking for any White Plymouth Rock breeders in Arizona

    I'm looking to try to find a breeder near me or right here in Arizona that is breeding the pure White Plymouth Rocks. I am very interested in getting some pullets or younger hen's from you, if you do.
  14. BlueBaby

    Arizona- Free Cockerel's

    I'm a bit over run with some cockerels that are now at the age that they will start crowing and breeding, so I need to try to find someone who want's either 1 of them, or all 4. I have available 2 of the Blue Australorp cockerel's, and 2 of the White Breese cockerels. Let me know if you are...
  15. BlueBaby

    Eating the rooster's

    Hey, does anyone know if I can make Chicken Fajita's out of rooster's?
  16. BlueBaby

    AZ.- 2 White Breese Cockerels

    I have 2 extra White Breese cockerels available that I hatched in April of this year. I am asking for $10.00 each for them. I will not ship them.
  17. BlueBaby

    Solved Very strange postings

    It's about buying fake money???
  18. BlueBaby

    Next step for butchered rooster's?

    I posted this over in the recipe section, but I guess that some of you don't go there so missed it: A couple of day's ago, I had someone come over here to help me to cull 3 roosters. I watched so that I could learn how to do it. Anyway's the roosters went into my freezer the same day that they...
  19. BlueBaby

    Rooster prep and recipes?

    A couple of day's ago, I had someone come over here to help me to cull 3 roosters. I watched so that I could learn how to do it. Anyway's the roosters went into my freezer the same day that they were butchered. When I decide to take one of them out to thaw in the fridge, what will I need to do...
  20. BlueBaby

    Super blue moon to coincide with lunar eclipse for 1st time in 150 years

    I just found out about this and find it to be an amazing happening. I was wondering if any of you knew about it. Will you be watching for it?
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