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  1. AZ Rabbits

    Rabbit Water Bottles for Coturnix Quail?

    I've been using Lixit rabbit water bottles the last couple weeks and they are working like a champ! Very efficient! Highly recommended.
  2. AZ Rabbits

    Problems Hatching Black Copper Marans

    I bought 3 dozen Black Copper Marans to hatch in my Genesis Hova Bator. The person I bought them from said they needed higher humidity at about 65% through the process, then slightly higher at lockdown (around 70%). So following these directions, I only had 1/3 success, which is very poor for...
  3. AZ Rabbits

    Rabbit Water Bottles for Coturnix Quail?

    Does anyone use the Lixit Rabbit Water bottles with the ball nipple as the waterer for their Coturnix Quail? Is it a good system? I have a bunch of them and I was hoping they worked so I didn't have to get new waterers for my breeding quail. Thanks!
  4. AZ Rabbits

    incubator recomendation

    I have 2 of the Hova Bator 1588 Genesis models (with auto egg turner). I love them. They are as easy as it gets. Don't have to do anything except add water every few days. It is addicting though... already trying to figure out how to get a third one.
  5. AZ Rabbits

    Feed Coturnix Quail Chicken Lay Crumble?

    I know that quail need lots of protein for the first few weeks, but can you feed them chicken layer crumble when they start laying? Or do they still need a higher protein?
  6. AZ Rabbits

    What age to butcher Muscovy ducks?

    Thanks. So is 13 weeks probably the optimal time taking feed/meat conversion into consideration? I usually take the skin off when I butcher chickens and would probably do the same with ducks so I don't think plucking pin feathers will be an issue. However, I may need to change that habit if...
  7. AZ Rabbits

    What age to butcher Muscovy ducks?

    Just wondering what age everyone likes to butcher their Muscovy ducks when raising them as dual purpose. Thanks!
  8. AZ Rabbits

    AZ Ducks

    I raise Muscovy ducks. I keep them in a coop just like a chicken coop and let them out to run around the yard sometimes. I feed them flock raiser and vege scraps.
  9. AZ Rabbits

    What other animals good to raise in city?

    Ok. So I live in the middle of the city and therefore have to be selective in what I raise (quiet, fairly small, etc). I currently raise rabbits, chickens (no rooster), muscovy ducks and coturnix quail. And I'm going to be getting tilapia in the near future. What other backyard barnyard animals...
  10. AZ Rabbits

    Feather Pecking - Muscovy Ducks

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll see how it goes...
  11. AZ Rabbits

    Feather Pecking - Muscovy Ducks

    They're doing it inside and outside of their pen. I separated the two worst ones and it's improved a little. I put them back together after a couple days of being apart and it went right back to pecking so I separated them again. It's frustrating, for sure!
  12. AZ Rabbits

    Feather Pecking - Muscovy Ducks

    Any suggestions at all? Or this this not a common problem?
  13. AZ Rabbits

    Feather Pecking - Muscovy Ducks

    My muscovy ducks (born on St Patrick's Day) are having a problem with feather picking. It's mostly one, but when I remove that one I see that another starts. Then when I remove that one there is another (there are 9 total). It is getting bad to the point of drawing blood at the tail and wing...
  14. AZ Rabbits

    Comment by 'AZ Rabbits' in article 'Automatic Waterins System'

    That's pretty high tech! Nice job!
  15. AZ Rabbits

    Anyone with Rabbits???

    Yip, I have quite a few rabbits. Right now American Blues, New Zealand Whites and Californians (although I'm getting rid of all my Cali's and just focusing on perfecting the other two breeds). Right now I have 11 different litters and more on the way... busy, busy, busy...
  16. AZ Rabbits

    2012 Breeder Directory

    Username: AZ Rabbits Animal: Rabbits Breed: New Zealand Whites, American Blues Colors: White, Blue Location: Mesa, Arizona Pedigreed animals: Yes Member of any breeders groups: ARBA Do you ship: No Do you show: No - bred for optimal size, mothering abilities and litter size - meat production...
  17. AZ Rabbits

    Could a mouse kill chicks?

    When I first read this thread I though it said "Could a moose kill chicks?" I had to read this one to see how this moose killed chicks and why there was any doubt about it... and how a moose got in the chicken coop or brooder... I was pretty disappointed when I realized it said "mouse"...
  18. AZ Rabbits

    Seriously looking into raw feeding but need ways to cut costs first

    Looks like a good time to raise rabbits. You know they multiply like rabbits... which is good meat production.
  19. AZ Rabbits

    Should netherland and flemish giant be together??

    I'll chime in. They should definitely be kept separate for several reasons (like previously mentioned). - First of all, the size difference. One is tiny, one is giant. Mishaps could happen and the little one get hurt or killed just by accident. - Next, the size difference. I don't know what...
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