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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'This is my open air coop design'

    Very basic protection - sturdy and "do-able" even for us amateurs! Nice job!
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Screened in Porch'

    Not a lot of description, but decent pictures of a basic add-on run. Good pictures. Minimal text.
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'The Insulated & Detachable Chicken Coop'

    Okay Chickeneers ... get your GEEK on! This coop and run article is an engineer's dream! It's well written and seriously and beautifully over-engineered ... right down to the 3D printed roost bar supports. I LOVE this set-up ... and am seriously envious of the results!
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'The Egg Plant( in purple)'

    What a grand coop and run! Starting with a custom-built playhouse and moving on from there. Fixing the "Happy Fingers" typos would make this a much easier read, but overall ... a really nice job. I LOVE the picture of the four "roosters" in the loft!
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Omlet Coop (and a bunch of Golden Buff pics)'

    This is more of a review on the Omlet Eglu Cube coop and run than a coop build, but the flock description and pictures make it a nice read. Pretty Babies!
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Reclaimed Wood Pallet Coop'

    VERY nice coop. Looks very secure. Good picture of a simple door, as well. There is not much information on the actual build, but the pictures speak for themselves, so it works! Nice job.
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'TWIN BED Chicken Coop--CHEAP, CHEEP!'

    This isn't just a great way to repurpose a piece of furniture ... it's one of the COOLEST coops I've seen. The pictures showing various build-steps are good and the test is helpful and easy to follow. A few more construction details would be nice, but not necessarily required. The article stand...
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Side Shed Chicken Coop'

    Excellent video showing all the important features and how things work. A brief write up or links to some how-to videos would be very helpful.
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Getting, caring for and keeping Ex-Battery Hens'

    The coop description is nice, but the real gem of this article is the description on handling ex-battery hens. It's well thought out and clearly written and covers points from preparing to pick them up to getting them into shape. The behavior observations are particularly good - who would have...
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    Comment by 'MROO' in article 'Cold Weather Poultry Housing and Care'

    I have ONE JG - a young hen - and I LOVE her. She's friendly, sweet-natured, productive in the egg department ... but she's a clumsy as the proverbial ox. Most of my chickens are Nankin bantams - under 30 oz, full grown, so she looks (and often acts) like Buddy, from the movie "ELF." Siri is as...
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Upgraded!'

    WOW! The before and after photographs are amazing ... what a difference! Listing the source for the hard-to-find hardware cloth is a nice bonus. A parts list and cost estimate would be helpful, but the pictures speak loudly for themselves. Nice job!
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Chickpocalypse Now'

    Very well documented build for a basic, well-designed coop. Proof not only that a build CAN be done on short notice, but that Chicken Math is real ... and often calls for desperate measures!
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Ventilation Baffling'

    Great idea to use furnace filter cloth over vents. The baffles are a good temporary fix, too ... but where did you find those nifty bucket braces? Actually ... that's a great little touch of ingenuity ... and you never know when you'll need an extra bucket!
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Playhouse Revival'

    As the happy caretaker of a Playhouse Revival Coop, myself, I am thrilled to see this conversion. Playhouses are a much-overlooked coop alternative, and this article walks the reader through a well-photo-documented rebuild. A rundown on costs would help, as this process is often less expensive...
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Scrap coop'

    I REALLY hesitated to label this article as "poor," and I hope to be able to come back an upgrade my review. This is a really neat coop and there is a lot shown in the pictures, It's an AWESOME example of ingenuity ... building with what you have and making it work. I LOVE it, but the article...
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'The Enchanted Tiki Coop: Our New England Suburban Coop and Run'

    Great photo journey on a really nice build ... and a fun read, as well. Knowing full well how nasty Boston-area winters can be, my only concern is with the flat run roof. Someone may have to go out and "shovel the roof" when they clear the snow off the driveway. Even with that, though, this is a...
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'The Bed & Breakfast "Theirs and Ours" - Texas'

    Very well planned and built, taking into account all the important factors, such as climate, seasonal storms and even the seasonality of the shade trees. And it looks really nice, to boot! The purchase list, including what was already on-hand, is a real plus, as is the recommendation to plan...
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Brandt Creek Farm Permaculture Coop'

    Excellent article - Good description of "Permaculture," a term I've never seen applied to chickens, before. I LOVE the idea of incorporating a greenhouse into the south wall. My one question for @veganurbanfarm concerns the inverted "V" of the center roof. Do you have an issue with rain runoff...
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Jungle Coop'

    Nice looking coop! Links to build videos are a real plus. I am curious about how the mesh floor worked out for you. A follow up would be very welcome.
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    Review by 'MROO' in article 'Raised chicken coop'

    Nice article. Well built coop. The hinges that channel and drain water are a very nice touch - some details and pictures of how it was done would be extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing - you did a very nice job!
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