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  1. Doopy

    Looking for a winter watering system design.

    I'll take some pics later today as I'm away from the farm until after supper tonight. Where do you folks purchase the horiz. nipples. I think I saw someone here that sells them. I have only used the push-in type of vert. nipples or the all metal, threaded type for pigs, goats, rabbits, etc...
  2. Doopy

    Looking for a winter watering system design.

    Thanks folks. I think I found what I was looking for. I'm designing a watering system for 80 to 100 birds and there is no way I want to tote water out there or fiddle around with hoses in zero degree temperatures. Although I have a few electric heat traced hoses that work pretty well. aart...
  3. Doopy

    Looking for a winter watering system design.

    I'm searching for a cold weather waterer design that I had a diagram of several years ago. I had a barn fire two ears ago and my plans were destroyed. Now that my new barn has electricity I would like to build the waterer. The design had a large cooler for a reservoir - a tiny water...
  4. Doopy

    Chicks not eating new food

    I agree - just let them get good and hungry and they'll eat it. In the future you will probably want to make slow and gradual changes in their food. It's easy to do and easier on the chickens, too.
  5. Doopy

    High price of incubaters!?!?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I'll hold off until I have the funds to make a purchase. In the meantime I might tinker with a homebrew. I'm not into show birds at all and the only purpose for us having chickens is for meat and eggs.
  6. Doopy

    High price of incubaters!?!?

    I'm ready to try incubation but the units that I have researched are very expensive. The Hova and the Little Giant are around $120 U.S. with auto turners. I am a little shocked at this as these prices do not fit into my present budget. Can you guys offer any recommendations? I'm studying...
  7. Doopy

    Weird roosting behavior

    Yup, my nesting boxes are about 8" off the floor and my roosting boards are about 36" above the floor. But one hen prefers to spend the nights in the box. Dumb bird!
  8. Doopy

    Weird roosting behavior

    Isn't it funny how the pecking order determines the fate of some chickens? I have had the present flock for three years and just last week one of the hens has started to sleep in the nesting box. I don't want any chickens sleeping in there because they poop all night long and I don't like any...
  9. Doopy

    A coop addition for the Roo?

    For those of you who keep their rooster segregated from the girls . . . do you have a separate coop for the boys? I'm considering keeping our one rooster in a sectioned off part of the chicken run but we only have one coop. How do you folks provide roosting space for the chooks when they are...
  10. Doopy

    Poop boards filled w/sand must be super heavy!

    Hmmmmm, it sounds like you guys are putting the sand/litter to good use. I guess we had never considered (in 14 years) putting sand or anything else on our poop boards. Luckily our coop has not had any serious smell issues. But then this is a farm and odors seem to like farms. Or maybe farms...
  11. Doopy

    Poop boards filled w/sand must be super heavy!

    I don't understand why someone would want to put sand on a poop board. Our three poop boards are 72"x20"x1/2" plywood with two coats of polyurethane on them for waterproofing. Three times a week someone scrapes the poop off with a wide drywall knife and into a wheel barrow and takes it to the...
  12. Doopy

    How much DE do I use?

    You should be able to find it at a farm store more than anywhere else. Make sure you get the food grade kind. Call them first to see if they have it. All DE (food grade and otherwise) should be handled carefully and most importantly kept away from your mouth and nose. Do not breathe it in...
  13. Doopy

    5 Yr Old Hen; No eggs in 2 Wks; Staying on roost in the morning, poop smells and looks different; I

    Hi smalldog - I came here to post my questions about some unusual behavior in one of my chickens. But as I read your opening post it seems that we share many of the same symptoms. We're on a small farm so our chickens are not considered close friends or pets like many here but I do pay close...
  14. Doopy

    Locking up our little friends

    Thank you for the great reply, Brandi. I really like the bucket idea. I have a small farm here and our animals are animals and not pets (except for the dogs and cats) so locking up the chickens shouldn't bother me. But it does. They come running up to the fence every time someone walks by or...
  15. Doopy

    I need answers ASAP. Tyson has a huge chicken barn across the street from me, they told me to get r

    This thread is confusing to say the least. 1. Be very polite but very firm - Tell the old owners and Tyson to go pound salt. 2. Add more chickens to your flock and put your pen as close as possible to the Tyson property. 3. If necessary call a lawyer and have them be your voice. 4. Make...
  16. Doopy

    Locking up our little friends

    They have easily paid their own way until now. We may change our mind on the lock-up situation. But I don't know how to train them to stay away from the road and gardens. We cannot afford fencing for the gardens.
  17. Doopy

    Locking up our little friends

    We have free-ranged our chickens for years. Our flock has ranged in size from 20 to 30 chickens and we only have layers. We sell organic free range eggs at farmer's market as well as to two mom-n-pop hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Last year the flock managed to migrate out to the road many...
  18. Doopy

    A BYC CHANGE OVER REALITY. All need to read.

    Nifty - I think you guys did very good. It seems that, these days, some folks just love to whine and complain about everything. I like the change. Thanks.
  19. Doopy

    Where to buy food grade DE?

    Quote: Wow! Our feed mill has food grade DE in 50 lb. sacks for $16. One 50 lb. sack will last me a year using in in the coop and on the garden.
  20. Doopy

    Cheap ideas for making a homey coop.....

    Quote: 8 of them? How many chickens do you have? I have three nesting boxes for 12 chickens and it's more than enough.
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