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  1. the left wing

    Stella's Social Club

    I would just like to say that those Isbar chickens had me at hello! I freaking love them, they make my heart soar, I must have some. But at this time I cant have a rooster, so theres no point to a special rare breed I cant reproduce. Someday, they will be mine.
  2. the left wing

    Wisconsin "Cheeseheads"

    We have a lot of animals besides horses, for example 2 miniature donkeys, a buffalo, some rabbits (Im not sure of the breed) potbelly pigs goats and the myriad of chickens a goose, some ducks. I dont own anything but the horses, but have really come to enjoy the various chicken personalities...
  3. the left wing

    Wisconsin "Cheeseheads"

    Thanks for the welcome. I expected the board to be silent on the day before opening day! Good luck to those who are out, and I suppose they are delighted for the snow. As for me, a dusting on Christmas eve is all I need. Jvls..those budgies are to die for! I love them. To whomever asked...
  4. the left wing

    Wisconsin "Cheeseheads"

    Hey there Chickeers! I dont personally have chickens at home, but at my barn we have about 60 Flemish Giants and a few leghorns, bantams (purebred Seabrights and Serama crosses) basically mutts, and assorted others. Im thinking of keeping a few at home- but going slllllooooowlllllly, because I...
  5. the left wing

    Chicken noobs here!

    Hi Maggie and Dad! We're new here too... and Im allready not sure how many chickens we have. I dont keep them at home, but at a barn nearby.... we started with one regular old white chicken (louie) and a rooster (topeka) that is a japanese bantam? Then along came a lil flock of Seramas- 2...
  6. the left wing

    Strangest and Silliest Chicken Names?

    all of our barn's animals are named after places. mostly. Hence rooster- Topeka and Bam-bam ( for alabama) Louie (st Louis) Ari the goat and so on. Exceptions being Aflac the pekin duck, and Beaker the Polish rooster. ( he is just like a muppet, sorta dumb really) New crop of seabrights and some...
  7. the left wing

    October 29th. WI Bird & Game Breeders Assn. Show & Swap

    Please post details. New to this chicken thang, but if its close enough may attend. I have Seabrights and Seramas.
  8. the left wing

    Best "Pet" Breeds

    Even though you arent considering this one, Seramas are very affiliative-- they really seem to seek us out to play, easily caught out in the yard, and stay close to the barn yard instead of wandering
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