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  1. chickletranch

    Large laying hens wanted - Southern California

    Looking to purchase several large breed laying hens to expand my current flock. Located in Southern California. Local pickup only. Thanks, Lynn
  2. chickletranch

    aspergillus? - help!

    I have a hen who's been dealing with what I thought was a respiratory infection for about a month. She was mouth-breathing, drinking lots of water, losing weight as she had trouble breathing while eating. She seemed to respond to Baytril, but after a couple of good weeks she has relapsed. Vet...
  3. chickletranch

    WANTED: Bantam hens in L.A. area

    Looking for bantam hens in Southern California, Los Angeles area preferred.
  4. chickletranch

    Hen with bloated, squishy crop - UPDATE - DIAGNOSIS

    One of our RIR hens has been isolating herself since yesterday. She's about 8 months old and not eating much. I checked her out yesterday morning and she seemed fine...but I noticed her crop was large and seemed full of food (unusual since it was early in the morning). By evening, it felt...
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