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  1. Bryam

    Broody hens with chicks.

    Hello! I have 2 broody silkie hens, wit chicks. The rooster and another hen are with them, should I remove them from the cage or leave them all together? So far there are no signs of aggression. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Bryam

    Breeding smooth silkies and frizzles.

    Recently, I hatched a bunch of eggs from a paint showgirl rooster breed to a white frizzle hen. Now, most of the chicks came out as paints, whites and a few blacks. They are 1 weeks old now, from what I can see I have a smooth chick, 1 sizzle or maybe a frizzle not sure, but most of the chicks...
  3. Bryam

    Broody hen not so broody!!!!

    Hello! I have a hen that started sitting on eggs for 9 hours, then while I was at work, she got off the nest and never went back. The eggs sat out on the cage for several hours, they got cold. When I got home, I popped them into my incubator, do you think they are still viable? Thank...
  4. Bryam

    Mating a white frizzle 2ND generation silkie hen to a showgirl...

    Hello! I have mated a 2nd generation white frizzle silkie hen with painted silkie showgirl rooster. I am just wondering what colours and feather type will the babies be? Thanks!!☺
  5. Bryam

    4 month old black silkie roo...

    Hello! I have a 4 month old black silkie roo, who is not crowing, but he been trying to mount the hens, who aren' Interested and run from him. In the process he keep grabbing onto to theirs and as the run away, bunches of feathers are being pulled out. The hens are now afraid of him. What...
  6. Bryam

    Is this egg fertile?

    Any guess as to if this egg is fertile? Thanks!
  7. Bryam

    Showgirl breed to a stripper....

    So I breed my showgirl painted silkie to my stripper fully naked neck hen and they produced 2 showgirls and a fully bearded chick! Has this happened to anybody else? I thought they would produce 50 percent strippers and 50 percent showgirls. I guess it' not a perfect science!
  8. Bryam

    Round 2 of is this egg fertilized? ??

    Hello! So I got a new rooster 1 month ago, when i tried to incubate a batch of silkie eggs from this pen 2 weeks ago, the eggs looked fertilized, but when I incubated the eggs for a week none developed. When I opened them up they weren't fertalized. So frustrating. So I cracked open an...
  9. Bryam

    Painted Silkies!!!

    Hello! I currently have a lovely painted showgirl silkie with a painted stripper and a painted showgirl, what colours will their offspring be? From what I have read about breeding showgirls and strippers, I should get a mix of both from their young? Thanks for your expertise!!! ☺
  10. Bryam

    What sex are my 9 week old silkies?

    Hello! I have 5 9 week old silkies, born at the begining of August. Can you help me sex thrm, please! Okay, let's get started, in: pic 1 there are 2 black chicks, (thinking the taller silkie on the left is a roo). pic 2 a paint pic 3 another paint pic 4 a smooth silkie I hope the rest...
  11. Bryam

    is this silkie egg fertile???

    Let me know! Thanks!!
  12. Bryam

    Is this egg fertilized??

    Hello! I just introduced a rooster to my silkie girls and I am wondering if the egg is fertilized? I also have a question about feeding silkies, my girls are 6 months old and they have just started laying, should I be giving them laying food or grower and iyster shells? How long are you...
  13. Bryam

    Confused about incubator temperatures...

    Hello! So I just completed hatching some silkie eggs in a Hovabator 1588 with forced air, and all my chicks hatched out on days 22-24. I considered this hatch to be really late. The entire time my therometer read 99.5-100F, something must be wrong, because this is the ideal incubation...
  14. Bryam

    Is it better to hand turning VS automatic turning eggs?

    Hello! I am picking up some silkie eggs, but it is a 3 hour drive. Are these eggs considered shipped? Will I have a better hatch rate, if I hand turn them or place them in the verticle autmatic turner? I have a hovabator 1588 with the fan. Thanks! :)
  15. Bryam

    Best location for an incubator?

    I am going to incubate a new batch of eggs and I was wondering where the best location for the incubator would be. Since it is pretty cold where i live, my house is generally kept at 64 degrees, but I keep my bathroom heated to 75 degress. I was thinking of putting the incubator in the bathroom...
  16. Bryam

    How to Introduce Serama hen back to a trio?

    I have Serama hen, who was was a trio since she was young. She went broody ,so I put her in her own cage with her eggs. The chicks are gone now and when I put her back with her group, they were not very nice to her. Chasing her and pecking her. The male mounted her and made her comb bleed a bit...
  17. Bryam

    Call Duckling not doing well... HELP!!!!!!

    I decided to help one of my call duck egg hatch, as it was 2 days late and the rest of the eggs hatched. This eggs had no pips, so I slowly made a pip hole, waiting t hours, went back to see if it had complrtrly absorbed all of the blood vessels snd it came out of the egg very weak. It just loed...
  18. Bryam

    My call duck drake is molting!

    Hello! It has been a wet and cold April this year and my call duck drake started molting a week ago, he lost all his wing feathers and many on his head and body, is that normal for time of year? I also noticed none of the hens eggs are fertile now, is it normal he stopped mating the...
  19. Bryam

    How often do call ducks lag eggs?

    My call ducks are 10 months old and this is their first time laying eggs. My 2 hens started laying every second day . Two weeks have past and recently I have been getting eggs daily. Is that normal? Do call ducks generally lay an egg a day?
  20. Bryam

    Is this egg fertilized?

    Is this egg fertilized? Thanks!!!
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