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    Urgent please help my Chick

    Please help my chick 5 weeks old RIR chick. Thanks Elvis.
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    RIR/Aseel Cross

    Hi friend's, I am having one RIR Cockerel & Aseel pullet, would like to know is there any possibility to get pure RIR if I crossbreed both. Thanks Elvis.
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    Please help my 22 days old RIR chick

    It started before 4 days, I don't know it's Marek's or Crazy chick disease. I am giving 2 drops of enroflaxin from day one. Liver tonic & Paediatric multivitamin drop for 2 days but still no improvement. Please help me to save my chick.
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    Hello from Tamil Nadu, India

    I am new here. I’m enjoying some information here. I am having our own South Indian Breed Siruvedai in my back yard. I came across BYC in search for information about Rhode Island Red as I am interested to add to my back yard. But still no clues from where to buy in India.
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