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  1. Sgrrt

    Creamy egg white

    Why do some of the egg whites not look clear? Sometimes white looks a creamy tan or creamy yellow? Are they good to eat? Is it because of the cold weather? I am in central Florida
  2. Sgrrt

    Is there something wrong with this chicken?

    Is there a disease process here?
  3. Sgrrt

    What to feed my free range chickens

    My flock have a good 22 acres to free range. What should I be feeding them? Should I keep food in the hen house, water? Or should I keep everything out of the house? Should they have separate pans for scratch feed, oyster shell, grit cracked corn or whole corn inside or outside the house. They...
  4. Sgrrt

    Curious behavior

    I have a Buff Orpington that tends to stay in the nesting box a good portion of the day and night. Why is she doing that? I take her out of the box to try and get her with the other birds but she stays with them for a little eats some and then back in the nesting box. She is eatting fine and...
  5. Sgrrt

    Crazy Birds

    My coop has 4 boxes for egg laying, 2 on bottom 2 on top. Some of my girls have decided to squeeze into same box literally almost sitting on top of one another. should I build more boxes on the lower level witch they see to like the best?
  6. Sgrrt

    Why do they spend the day in the coup?

    I recently added two Ameraucanas to my mixed 11 bird cast. I kept them separated from the others for a week then I put them in with the rest. They all roost together but during the day they spend the day on the roost in the coup?? The rest are out and about galavanting and have fun!
  7. Sgrrt

    Early Evening egg laying

    One of my Rhode Island Reds has taken to lay an egg between 4&5 pm. How unusual is this? I close the nesting boxes at night because other hens have attempted to use for roosting. Thanks! Steve
  8. Sgrrt

    Chicken behaviors

    I have 3 barred rock and o e black star. I let them out of their coup for the first time today. Strange thing happened, they were all actively foraging and then all of a sudden they stood stone still? Why?
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