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  1. woodsia

    Blue/Slate/Grey skin colour: mutt breeding and genetics question

    Hello all, This is Astrid: She is one of a batch of easter egger eggs that I bought off kijiji. The hens were apparently a collection of ameraucana/easter eggers, light brahmas and dark brahmas. The rooster was a very handsome Ameraucana-looking boy with colouring similar to the roo in...
  2. woodsia

    OEGB and something tiny with a rose comb: colour predictions?

    I picked up these two little bantam chicks at an auction recently, listed as OEGBs. What I am wondering about is their colour patterns. I've been trying to learn about OEGB colour patterns (which left my head spinning) and chances are they are something nonstandard anyway. But I think they're...
  3. woodsia

    Easter Egger(?) - Pullet or Cockerel?

    Okay, I think I have most of my 9-week-old chicks figured out, and up until recently I was fairly confident I had four boys and four girls. But Cookie here has me wondering. Her comb is larger and redder than her 'sisters' - but I wound up with kind of a mixed bag of chicks, and it's possible...
  4. woodsia

    5-6 wk old chicks: Orpingtons? Ameraucanas? Marans? Mutt chickens?

    Hi all, Early in July, I bought eight chicks from a local farmer. In theory, they were four pure BBS Orpingtons and four buff Orpington/Ameraucana cross. Now, I love my chickies and I have no intention of breeding or showing them, so really this is just for my own curiosity, but I'm starting...
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