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  1. Julie dingman evans

    Wheaton genes

    We just acquired a beautiful blue Wheaton rooster and we’re wondering if the Wheaton gene is dominant or recessive? For instance, if we bred our blue Wheaton to a black hen would the babies be blue BLbl and black BLBL ? or would they be blue and black Wheaton?
  2. Julie dingman evans

    D’uccle mixes?

    We would like a rooster, and are looking at a D’uccle for our bantam flock. We have a mix of girls mostly Cochins but also an EE, silkie and female D’uccle. Our area only allows a certain number of birds, but we want to breed our rooster. In order to not go way above poultry limits we would have...
  3. Julie dingman evans

    Full sized roo with Banty hens?

    We would like a rooster and we have a bantam flock... I know that bantam roosters seldom protect the flock and live to tell the tail. So has anyone ever had a full sized rooster in with hens? Would the babies be medium sized? Would this be safe for the hens? What are the pros and cons? Thank you...
  4. Julie dingman evans

    Belgium bantam babies?

    Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone near Louisville has or will have any baby Barbu d’anvers or barbu d’Uccles this summer?
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