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  1. Spiase20

    Duck Shoes

    Like KaleIam said. Also, if they are healing, you don't want water going into the area, the bootie is there to protect it. You could use the bootie during the day and take off at night for your duck with the amputated toe. Also, having a place they can swim will help a lot with keeping the...
  2. Spiase20

    Duck Shoes

    I had issues with that company as well. Waiting half a year and filed a complaint and refund with PayPal. Got the shoes elsewhere later. As for the shoes, I use them for multiple healing stages. For example, if one duck is starting to have a small sign of infection but not really an infection...
  3. Spiase20

    Duck lessons

    Hmmm, there are so many, both good and bad. 1. They are super affectionate if you spend the time working with them. It amazing how cuddly they are. 2. Obsessed with watermelon, it's like their catnip. Will chase me down if they see me carrying it. 3. How smart they can be. Always up to...
  4. Spiase20

    More tween duck behavior q's

    My pekin does the same thing!! And every time it ends with him wanting to cuddle!
  5. Spiase20

    More tween duck behavior q's

    I think it depends on the situation really. I have seen my male duck do it as dominance or to seem intimidating, but he also does it when cuddling. He likes to sit on my lap and fluffs his neck up and kinda wrap his neck around mine (while nibbling gently) and then ends up sticking his head into...
  6. Spiase20

    How Do You Keep Your Duck Pool Clean?

    We had the sane concerns with the duck pool when we created ours. It's not perfect and can be definitely approved on now that this one has been built. We build in unground pond, about 700 gallons that is inside their coop. Half the coop is basically like a deck but with floor laminate with...
  7. Spiase20

    Foot problem?

    I have two vets I go to for my ducks, one for simpler things because he's closer and one for more complicated things (like a broken leg). After many discussions with both of them, I have come to the understand that there are extreme differences between ducks in the wild and the ones from store...
  8. Spiase20

    White Crested Contest!

    Here is my big boy Pixie, he is just the sweet thing ever.
  9. Spiase20

    Large breed ducks kept on wire?

    Duck feet are not very tough and they need softer flooring to prevent injuries, cut and infections. Being on a wired floor like this will lead to an assortment of infections and feet problems. I would recommend adding a solid flooring. For my ducks, i have the puzzle square mats on top vinyl...
  10. Spiase20

    Cute Cayuga trio

    Aww! So cute! Great pictures. They first few weeks once you move them outside is always rough. I totally get the missing them being inside part. Ducks are really an addiction. Seems like once you get them, you become a crazy duck person. They are so cute, sweet and hilarious!
  11. Spiase20

    Funny Duck Contest!

    YAY! Thank you too ^-^
  12. Spiase20

    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest - Poultry Art Creations-- Winners Announced!!

    Sketches of my ducks, the color version was done in Photoshop. A Crested Pekin, a Cayuga and Indian Runner.
  13. Spiase20

    Funny Duck Contest!

    A funny picture I captured today. Kung fu duck. Daisy, my Indian runner is executing the karate kid kick while the others eat.
  14. Spiase20

    Funny Duck Contest!

    This first photo is of my husband drying off our ducks one by one. He dried off the swedish blue and put her back in the pen in the room next to the bathroom. As he was drying the pekin duck off, she came running in quacking up a storm and skidding to a stop like in this photo. As if to say, "I...
  15. Spiase20

    Duck pond is driving us crazy - ready to give up my precious ducks :( Advice?

    We have a bond with 2 drum filters. My husband attached draining pipes at the bottom of each. So when I want to clean the drums, I drain the water and spray everything on the inside which comes out the draining pipes. As for the pond, i bought this pond vacuum that sucks continuously. I...
  16. Spiase20

    Cayuga Duck Eggs- odd color yolks

    Huh, that is weird. My cayuga's yolk was like ever other duck yolk. Maybe since she started laying, it may get better with each egg? Wonder how the others will turn out.
  17. Spiase20

    Why do ducks set Bumblefoot?

    Sadly, I am still dealing with bumblefoot. If not one gets, then all. But my Cayuga keeps getting it! Or the vet removes and treats it and it returns. She is on her second surgery. I have now gated the grass near the coop to keep them from ever wondering on harder surface or bushes when allowed...
  18. Spiase20

    Why do people...

    Nationwide. Ducks are included under Exotic animals. It's great and saved me a bunch.
  19. Spiase20

    Why do people...

    I totally understand KaleIAm. I love my ducks to death, but it is a lot of work to keep the happy and healthy. I am always dealing with one thing or another with them and it takes time and effort. But their silliness and live is worth it. I strongly recommend pet insurance for anyone who has...
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