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  1. Cattt123

    Help Button to walk again!

    Button is a pretty little Coturnix quail, only 4 1/2 months old. I adopted her int on my loving home recently as her owner couldn’t care for a disabled girl. She was hatched with her siblings, grew up living her best life. When she was about 6 weeks old she started walking oddly, which quickly...
  2. Cattt123

    Wtf is this in poop?

    Hi all, I am usually a hoverer, reading everything but never there in time to answer before everyone else! In need of a second opinion - I picked up this girl a few weeks ago from someone with no experience taking care of quail. She’s only 4 months old or so, has 6 big spots of bumblefoot on...
  3. Cattt123

    Poorly wing?

    I’ve been lucky to never have wing injuries before, but this morning my girl has started doing this holding one of hers out to the side: I’m fairly sure she hasn’t boinked or anything so I’m not sure how she’s done anything to it! What do you think? In need of a vet visit?
  4. Cattt123

    Air bubbles under chicks skin

    Hi all, I’ve read all I can on here about this but looking for some opinions. Chick is a couple days old. Very lethargic, still eats and drinks but needs encouragement. Chick has a critical care vitamin water and has had a very small amount of boiled egg yolk. You can see in the pics there is...
  5. Cattt123

    Female quail aggression

    Hi all, I have three cortunix quail, the two hens grew up together and are nearly a year old. The male was introduced 6 months ago - he is very submissive and quiet as he was a rescue who had been pecked and bullied half to death. they have a huge space to run and several places to hide so no...
  6. Cattt123

    Why did she die?

    Hi all, My little 5 day old quail died last night which I’m very upset about, but wondered if anyone can help me figure out why? There’s a photo of a dark area of her abdomen here as I wondered if that was why? link to my post about her general health...
  7. Cattt123

    Squishy lump on quail chick

    Hi all, Do baby quail have a crop? This one is 5 days old and has a squishy lump on her chest, slightly to one side. The pics are at the end of the day, and I haven’t noticed it before.
  8. Cattt123

    Poorly quail chick

    Hi all, So I got given this tiny now 3 day old chick yesterday because it was poorly. It had twisting feet which I've dealt with already by splinting and wrapping them. It's also quite wobbly and sleepy. The others were all pecking it ad stepping on it. I think a big problem is when it falls...
  9. Cattt123

    Honking quail?

    I rescued this little man a while back - he’s very happy now and adores his little flock. He had a bad life before, was horrendously picked on by like 7 other males, and was just a withdrawn little thing when we got him, barely moving or eating. Although he’s happy now and his feathers have...
  10. Cattt123

    Quail feet questions

    Hi all, hoping some of the more experienced quailers can confirm that this is bumblefoot? First two pictures included for reference - they are two different quail who I think have it. I have researched everything I can about bumblefoot so I’m happy to treat, just want some reassurance that is...
  11. Cattt123

    Odd behaviour - is it illness?

    I have this cortunix quail, she is around 18 weeks old. Seems healthy in every other respect, but this morning I keep seeing her do this: Hopefully the video link works! There’s only two of them together and they grew up...
  12. Cattt123

    Newbie - please help!

    Hi all, I’ve read everything I can on here but I also tend to worry over nothing so worth asking! I have two courtonix quail and the hen is losing some feathers. From this forum I’ve learnt that this could be mites or lice, and she also sometimes opens her mouth and sneezes, and she sometimes...
  13. Cattt123

    Quail sound

    So I rescued a quail when she was 5 weeks old, had her nearly a month now. She gets handled a lot and always gets her fave foods when I hold her, although it does seem 50/50 whether she enjoys it or gets stressed. I think I’ve figured out her happy little cheeps from when she’s eating her fave...
  14. Cattt123


    (1) I rescued one quail (2) just the one quail, getting her a couple of friends as soon as we can (3) Coturnix (4) Quail are so cute and make the sweetest sounds which is may favourite thing so far! (5) Other hobbies are a inging lessons, rescuing dogs, going to the cinema (6) I have 4...
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