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  1. soufiane

    cockrel limps when runnig

    hello guy i have 4 months brahma cockrel how i noticed limps when running. i checked his bottom legs and its normal. he must've twisted his ankle or something coming from the roost because he became very heavy and big for a roost a little bit high. he started limping when running yesteday and...
  2. soufiane

    does this look like coccidiosis?

    hey i have two 3 months brahmas that i just treated from roundworms last week. they sound normal now but this poop calls for consern . im a newbie guys so any advise would be welcome.
  3. soufiane

    is this diarrhea ?

    i found this morning my 2 brahma chickens droppings look like in the photo . i never saw this kind of droppings produst overnight like this . also im a newbie
  4. soufiane

    Worms or intestinal shedding ?

    i have a 3 months brahma cockrel that produce this poop mostly in mornings he is in good health and eating. his poops are watery in the morning but solid in rest of the day.
  5. soufiane

    red spots on my 5 weeks brahma's poop

    hi im newbie i have 2 five weeks brahmas that have droppings like this. not allthe time most of their poop is normal. but they drop a poop like this ramdomly . they eat and drink normaly
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