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  1. WolfDogamer

    Sleepy & lethargic chick

    So today is the first day our 5 partidge plymouth chicks have gone outside and their bantam mum, Sally, is looking after them. They have food and water outside and shade and sun and they can, of course, go inside the coop if its too hot outside. The nesting boxes are on the ground with the...
  2. WolfDogamer

    What gender/s are our two silkie crosses?

    They were born on the 1st of September, so they are almost 3 months old and they are Silkie crosses. They look almost identical in terms of combs and wattles but obviously, have different colouring (see attached pic), the first pic was taken on the 12th of November and the rest of them were...
  3. WolfDogamer

    Bantam hen may have fowl pox but we need confirmation, also what should we do if she does?

    Hello there, we think we have a sick bantam. We have two adult silkie bantams and two young ones. The oldest silkie bantam has been lethargic for about 2-3 weeks now and her comb has gone a bit floppy and has paled with dark spots on it (see picture below). We think she may have fowl pox but we...
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