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  1. ryanbonin

    Finally out of the laundry room! haha

    My wife was getting sick of chasing fly away chickens around her laundry room so I finally got the coop to a point where they could move outside... Still needs a few things but I think the birds are much happier out there! I'll try to post more pics later in the week! Cheers, Ryan
  2. ryanbonin

    My coop work in progress!

    Started this morning... The kids were distracting me like crazy so I didn't get as far along as I had hopped but here it is.... Hopefully I'll have it done by next weekend! Cheers, Ryan
  3. ryanbonin


    We went to pick up a couple pullets tonight and my daughter talked me into bringing home a couple of day old Runners! Her cuteness combined with that of the ducklings over powered me and now I'm needing a crash course on duckling raising 101. I'll post some pictures tomorrow! Thanks in...
  4. ryanbonin

    Take 2! More Boys?!?

    Hey guys - I'm taking another shot at this as I'm now worried I might have up to 5 boys!!! On the plus side, one that we thought was a boy for sure... MIGHT be a girl? Our chicks are 2 to 2.5 months old. A couple of them are younger but we got them all at the same time. The reason I'm...
  5. ryanbonin

    Breed Surprise and Gender Questions - Bantam Rocks and Gold Phoenix

    Hey Gang - it's my turn to be impatient!!! We're really hoping not to have to many males as we love all our chicks and would like to keep them but don't want any more than 1 Boy!!! I have a feeling we have a few boys though! We got our chicks from a local guy who breeds all kinds of birds...
  6. ryanbonin

    New Member from

    Hey guys, Great forum here - my #1 hobby is Fishing but my daughter wanted to try raising Backyard chickens so I spent hours and hours reading up on this great resource you have here and figured I better try to contribute where I can. Still very new to this but the learning curve has been much...
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