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  1. Spiase20

    Strange ingrown like feathers

    So my girl duck has started molting, and she has a tendency to pluck around her breast area in this weird strip. No mites, fleas, I am pretty sure it has to do with brooding/nesting. I keep an eye on it, but I recently noticed she has these holes where her feathers used to be and some feathers...
  2. Spiase20

    Normal egg laying for ducks

    Hey! So I'm just writing this because I'm curious what is normal when it comes to the frequency that ducks lay eggs. Along with normal pauses between eggs. Whenever I see an egg from one of my girls, I start worrying. Always fearing the worst, they are sick or egg bound, etc. But that is just...
  3. Spiase20

    Why do ducks set Bumblefoot?

    So, I know about the various bumblefoot treatment and antibiotics. What I am curious about is why do ducks keep getting bumblefoot? My Pekin had it first, took him to the vet and had him on antibiotics. Then 2 months later, he got it again. Another vet visit and antibiotics. 2 months pass by...
  4. Spiase20

    Funny Indian runner behavior

    My Indian runner, Daisy, has started doing this funny looking pulled the neck down, fluff up feathers, chest puff walk/run. It's very random. Then she goes back to normal. Anyone else have a duck do this or is she just being a goof ball. Here are two videos showing it: You'll also see my...
  5. Spiase20

    Blood in egg

    Hi, My Indian runner started laying 11 days ago, and there has been an egg everyday. We slowly collect the eggs to eat during the weekend. The first half had no issues. Today I picked up her egg and went to cook with it and saw his strange blood in her egg. I will crack the other eggs...
  6. Spiase20


    So, I had some free time on my hands and made some quick drawings of my ducks. I have one more to go, my swedish blue! I had more time to spend on the crested Peking one. Thought you ducks lovers would enjoy!
  7. Spiase20


    I went to Tractor Supply to get more supplies and check out the ducklings. What I saw horrified me. They we wet, covered in their on feces, bald in spots, red irritated skin, and panting. Then I saw this one duckling, missing the most fluff, qaucking it's heart out. Then it throws to stand...
  8. Spiase20

    Duck with a feathers missing on lower chest

    Hi, I noticed that Swedish Blue female duck is missing a strip of feathers on her lower chest to belly. I can see the down in the upper part but skin in the lower. I checked for mite but didn't see anything (still will do preventative treatment of coop). I read that ducks who go broody can do...
  9. Spiase20

    Weird female duck behavior

    Hi! I am wondering if anyone every encountered this, I was amazed to see it happen. So I have 1 Drake and 3 hen ducks, all around 6 months old. The Drake was swimming with one of the female ducks and started mounting her. My Cayuga duck (pretty sure she's female), ran into the pool and chases...
  10. Spiase20

    Duck with broken leg

    Hi! I'm new to this community but have been using the forum in the past for the excellent advice it gives. I have a Swedish Blue duck about 8 weeks old who tripped while running and broke it's leg. It's broken in the Tibiotarsus right under the knee. We went to an emergency animal hospital...
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