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  1. ChickenBoyAfrica

    Pullets getting strange black things on their heads

    Hi everyone I’ve been seeing some strange things on my pullets for the last month or so . I don’t know what it might be.
  2. ChickenBoyAfrica

    Is pullet a minorca or leghorn

    Hi everyone, I got a chick about a month ago from a friend. He bought them from someone who clammed they were black minorcas . Now I’m having second thoughts . I think she might be a black leghorn. Can anyone help me
  3. ChickenBoyAfrica

    Don’t know what breed chick is

    Hi everyone, I got some blue hatching eggs for Christmas and one egg hatched . Can anyone tell me what breed and gender it is . I think it’s either an Ameracuana or Auracana.
  4. ChickenBoyAfrica

    Foot problem - does my chicken have bumblefoot?

    Hi, one of my chicks has a swollen toe. She is walking fine. But should I be worried and it could it be bumblefoot? Thank you
  5. ChickenBoyAfrica


    Hallo, greetings from South Africa. We got a silkie rooster and I want to know if he is a mix breed or pure Silkie. He has red facial skin and a single comb and white skin. He also has plymouth rock colouring and is also smallish.
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