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  1. farm-a-zootical

    Serious Bumble Foot

    I just came out of a bad case of pneumonia and found out that a hen has serious bumble foot. I feel awful. I got the core out but her leg is hot. Penicillin? if so, how much in an injection and what size needles. We have had many cases, successful in all with minor surgery, but...
  2. farm-a-zootical

    I have no clue. Any ideas?

    I got this chicken out of either a Barred Rock or Black Sex Link bin, but it doesn't look like any of my other chickens. At all. It also has an odd foot. The skin is black, but none of the others are. I would love any info from a learned BYC member. Thanks! Skin color under wing Full body...
  3. farm-a-zootical

    Just lost a favorite young hen

    Well, I started to get on to post an emergency, but my granddaughter's favorite chick just died in my arms. It is almost certainly internal, she never did lay like other hens and, when she did, it was a very small egg. Anyway, could any of you experienced chicken keepers tell me the best...
  4. farm-a-zootical

    Another fox

    Okay, all who have had a fox attack, do you have any advice that will come in handy for me, treatment-wise. We have had several fox lurking around, have been, er, hmmm, tackling the problem, but one grabbed my chicken because I let them out while I was changing their water. I got right after...
  5. farm-a-zootical

    Cute shirt ladies!
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