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  1. birdbrain5

    Exchequer Leghorn hatching eggs - Taking orders

    Taking orders on my exchequer leghorn hatching eggs. I only ship eggs Monday-Wednesday priority mail so they will not sit at the post office over the weekend. I wrap each egg individually in bubble wrap and pack the box tightly. Havent had one egg break to date! 12+ eggs = $30.00 +...
  2. birdbrain5

    pine shavings for bedding?

    i am moving my emu chicks into a horse stall since thier pen is getting a little cramped.... it is all set up except the bedding. will pine shavings be ok or will they eat it? i could use hay, but i would rather the shavings since it will be easier to clean.
  3. birdbrain5

    12+ Exchequer Leghorn hatching eggs (AUCTION ENDS TONIGHT - MON.)

    12+ exchequer leghorn hatching eggs to ship Tuesday 4/24 or Wednesday 4/25 depending when payment is recieved. This is an auction, please post and bid here in $1.00 increments. I wrap each egg individually in bubble wrap and mark the box fragile and ship priority. See feedback! Many chicks...
  4. birdbrain5

    wanting to trade FOR turkey eggs:

    i am looking to trade my chicken eggs for turkey eggs. the breed i have available right at this time is exchequer leghorn.. they are laying good right now.. i'd love to work out a trade for some turkey eggs, not picky about the breed but hoping for pure breeds. let me know what you have :) thanks!
  5. birdbrain5

    Found my first egg!!! HUGE! incubation questions....

    so today i was looking out my window and saw a big white spot out in the field. i was kind of playing around when i said hey i wonder if thats a goose egg. well sure enough, it was! it is sooo big, way bigger than a turkey egg! i have been looking for a nest for a while now and havent seen one...
  6. birdbrain5

    8 Exchequer Leghorn Eggs to ship TODAY - BIN

    I have 8 exchequer leghorn eggs saved that were won in an auction, but I never recieved payment. I'd like to ship these eggs today, so I am letting them go for cheaper. $12.00 + $9.50 for shipping. my paypal is: [email protected]
  7. birdbrain5

    AUCTION: 6+ Exchequer Leghorn Hatching Eggs

    6+ Exchequer Leghorn Hatching Eggs. These are young birds, the eggs are on the smaller size but definetly fertile! I have some in the incubator now. I have had just as much success hatching small eggs as I have larger eggs. *Auction ends Monday, 3/19 at midnight. Eggs will ship Tuesday 3/20...
  8. birdbrain5

    AUCTION - Exchequer Leghorn Hatching Eggs

    6+ Exchequer Leghorn Hatching Eggs. Very pretty birds! (will post pics soon) These are young birds, eggs are on the small side. I have hatched small eggs just as successful as larger eggs. Fertility is confirmed and I have some in my incubator! Auction ends Saturday, March 10th at midnight. Eggs...
  9. birdbrain5

    BIN - Partridge Rocks - get on the list!

    Making a list for orders of my Partridge Rock hatching eggs! These birds are beautiful, docile, and quite friendly. The weather has been a little unsteady, so the girls have been as well, so I will do my best to get orders out as fast as they allow! Fertility has been checked, and I have a batch...
  10. birdbrain5

    wazine - can i hatch the eggs?

    i think i need to do a round of worming. i havent seen any worms, but its been so rainy and wet, and i recently had two chickens die. they got very lethargic and combs nearly shriveled up and within days of eachother, dead. of course other have started laying so ive been collecting eggs to...
  11. birdbrain5

    12+ guinea hatching eggs

    FALSE ALARM! sorry folks.
  12. birdbrain5

    setting 4 emu eggs tomorrow morning! checklist:

    im using my homemade mini fridge incubator. i was going to use my hovabator1588 but im not sure they will fit in there, has anyone used a hovabator for emus? ive got my temp running steady at 97. i am getting another thermometer and hygrometer tomorrow so i can be sure its at 97.5 like i have...
  13. birdbrain5

    should i cull him?

    This is my turkeys second breeding season, so I figured things should go more smoothly and have better luck with fertility. Last year I saw my tom trying to mate and it was pittiful, he would just stand on the hens back having no idea how to get things done. I did hatch out poults so he...
  14. birdbrain5

    limping hen, big cut on foot

    one of my hens has been limping some, i watched to see if she would get better but shes gotten worse. i caught her and looked at her foot and on the top of her foot her skin is missing. looks like the skin got sliced off. it was dry, so i scrubbed it with some betadine and water, then sprayed it...
  15. birdbrain5

    Silver Penciled Rock - NC

    Silver Penciled Rock rooster. He was hatched out this spring, so hes coming up on 1 year. Nice rooster, no aggression, just have too many roosters! $12 NC 28170
  16. birdbrain5

    Dosage for Tylan-50

    I posted about my sick hen but havent gotten much response. I searched for threads with chickens that had the same symptoms and most people said to give them Tylan-50. How much should I give my hen? Shes a standard partridge rock. She has hiccups and her feathers are all ruffled and her eyes...
  17. birdbrain5

    please help fast!!

    one of my partridge rock hens is all ruffled up with her eyes squinted. she is making a noise that sounds like a 'hick-up'. i noticed her making that noise last week but she looked and acted fine and was eating and roaming the yard as usual. i didnt think much of it. today shes all ruffled with...
  18. birdbrain5

    eggs changing color??

    I have a RIR hen who is the only one of all my gals thats laying. This is her first year so I guess shes still a pullet? Anyhow, shes been laying for a couple months and I have noticed that her eggs are usually different sizes and shapes which I know will be normal since she just started laying...
  19. birdbrain5

    Reg. Jacob wether sheep - NC

    I have a 4 year old jacob wether who was bottle raised and is a real sweet guy, he eats out of my hand. He has 5 horns. I got him for a companion to my ewe lamb, but unfortunetly with the way his horns are so upright he is getting caught on my horse fences and I certainly dont have the money to...
  20. birdbrain5

    can you feed "deer corn" to poultry?

    i have found 50 lb bags of "deer corn" for $8. this is much cheaper than scratch grains and whatnot, and i'd like to start feeding some corn to my flock to strech feed and keep them warm during winter months. is there any difference in deer corn or just regular corn??
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