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  1. mmr1443

    New member with sick babies- please help!!

    Hi there! I am a new member. I joined because I bought babies about 10 days ago from a bad breeder :( I've been through coccidiosis and conjunctivitis with them, and now we are battling gapeworm :( Poor little guys are sick of me giving them medicine. I also have one flock of 9 hens, all...
  2. mmr1443

    Gapeworm not responding to Safe-Guard in chicks

    I have 7 chicks ages ranging from 4-8 weeks old that I bought about 10 days ago. This is my first time with baby chicks. I have an older flock I inherited that I've been caring for for a while. I didn't do my research and bought them from a bad breeder and they already had several illnesses when...
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