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  1. CrazyChickMommaOppe

    Sick hen

    This morning my husband went to check on our hens and eggs, and one of our Silver Laced Wyandotte was laying by the door, very lethargic. It looks like the other hens have been pecking her quite a bit as well. She has a patch of back feathers missing and the top of her comb is bloody. She opens...
  2. CrazyChickMommaOppe

    When to let 6 week old girls and 4 week old girls stay together permanently

    We did the look no touch for a few days, and now are on day 3 of hanging out all together. They are getting along pretty well for the most part. A tiff here, a peck here. But I would like to get the together permanently so they can get established and then slowly introduce this crew to our older...
  3. CrazyChickMommaOppe

    Can't figure out which pullets are which breed. Any thoughts?

    2 are Prairie Bluebell Eggers and 2 are Sapphire Gems. I just don't know which one is which. Anyone familiar with either breed?
  4. CrazyChickMommaOppe

    Hello from MN

    Hi!! I am from Minnesota and I have 8 lovely grown ladies (2 black astralorps, 3 ISA's and 3 Buff's). I recently purchased 2 BLRW, 1 Barred Rock and 1 Golden Laced Wyandotte. These girls are almost 5 weeks old. And then my shipment arrived at the country store. And we recieved 9, even though I...
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