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  1. Entreparadis

    Show off your Peas!

    When did the spotting start and what were the parents? Sorry if you already answered that for someone else, I was just so shocked to see a white pea with spots, I didn't think other patterns or colors could effect a white bird.🤦‍♀️
  2. Entreparadis

    A NEW Black peacock !

    Interesting, does the farm with that peacock have a website? It would be interesting to know the parentage...
  3. Entreparadis

    Trading peafowl

    Males can be worth more in certain areas where their beautiful tails are prized:bow, but peahens are your only shot at breeding. Peahens are usually worth more for anyone who breeds peafowl because though the gender of eggs should be 50-50, more hens are needed than males if you want to breed at...
  4. Entreparadis

    Dumped peahen

    If you are new to keeping peafowl, I suggest doing as much research as possible about their care. You can use the search tool on this website for specific questions. They need clean water and access to food of course, and they do not appreciate being handled or chased more than necessary. The...
  5. Entreparadis

    Handling 'wild' but tame peahen

    I just saw the picture and was about to say that I recognized the dog breed! Cane Corsos are so beautiful!!! Ours is 3 and he is such a big sweetheart!!!
  6. Entreparadis

    Peacock very noisy

    That's a very good point, since you are getting an adult, I would recommend keeping her confined for at least a few months in an area with a shelter and run for outside access. They also need a large enough area for breeding so that the male can display for the female. Also, I recommend...
  7. Entreparadis

    What is a peacock's favorite snack?

    It doesn't matter either way :thumbsup
  8. Entreparadis

    What is a peacock's favorite snack?

    You are fantastic. I wish people would bring my peacock gift baskets when they scare him. Yes, bananas are a favorite as are blueberries, pomegranate seeds, raw sunflower seeds, and kale. If their owner feeds him processed food then fresh treats would be best for him.
  9. Entreparadis

    Peacock very noisy

    Peacocks naturally call during breeding season each year, but you could try to confine him so that he can't find a high place to call from and see if that helps. Peafowl are social and prefer to be with their own kind over guineas or any other species. Peafowl's high noise level are something to...
  10. Entreparadis

    Handling 'wild' but tame peahen

    Peafowl do not like to be touched unless they are hand raised and can have health problems if you stress them out by touching or cornering them. However, if you have gotten attached to her, I would suggest putting her in a large enclosure to protect her from predators and to keep her around...
  11. Entreparadis

    Friend for a mute swan

    You are right swans need company to thrive. Geese would be fine but if you can find a swan for sale you could buy him a female and keep them both on your property.
  12. Entreparadis

    What treats to bring peafowl?

    👍Those are just about the most handy and portable treats. I feed mine from hand and they just tear off chunks but most do not let people close and would rather eat small pieces.
  13. Entreparadis


    Have you noticed any other symptoms or changes in behavior? I would treat for cocci as recommended with medicine you can get at farm stores or online. Is your pea kept with any other birds and what is his area like? Make sure he is still drinking water and try to feed favorite treats. You can...
  14. Entreparadis

    What treats to bring peafowl?

    Most Peafowl absolutely love bananas and they quickly become a favorite. Sometimes Peafowl will only accept small chunks of banana though so you can break off an inch or so and split it like a pie into pieces. Most fruits and vegitables are very healthy, especially kale and berries. They often...
  15. Entreparadis

    Sexing Peafowl & breed id

    That one who is displaying feathers is the one with shoulder bars and is male. That displaying is a male habit but sometimes female chicks do too.
  16. Entreparadis

    Sexing Peafowl & breed id

    The one with chest feathers that have white virticle lines in them and barring on the shoulder feathers is male (he also has whiter chest in the last pics) the one with less bars on shoulder feathers is female.
  17. Entreparadis

    Lone peahen wandering about: is there anything we can do for her?

    It would be best for you to contact your local pea-person and see if they would want to capture her. Peafowl are social animals, especially peahens, so she is likely lonely, but the biggest issue is predators. Peahens do not have large spurs like peacocks do and cannot defend themselves from...
  18. Entreparadis

    Squirrels and My Free Ranging Peafowl / Guinea Fowl

    Good suggestions, and beautiful boys!!! 😍
  19. Entreparadis

    Squirrels and My Free Ranging Peafowl / Guinea Fowl

    I had the same problem but with chipmunks. I felt bad for them in the spring and let them eat the grain I threw for my peacocks, but I attracted over ten chipmunks that stalked me while I spent time with the birds and got way too close! The little stinkers ran around my legs and one even ran...
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