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  1. jolenesdad

    Open Contest 12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along—Farthest Shipped Eggs!

    This contest is sponsored by @featherhead007 12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along Farthest Shipped Eggs It's easy to enter, just reply to this thread. All eggs shipped for the 12th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-Along are eligible. Contest Rules: All entries must be submitted to this thread. Post...
  2. jolenesdad

    MDV Marek’s Disease Discussion

    I had been searching for a current general discussion thread on Marek’s disease and have not found one, so I thought I’d make one. There is, of course, one of the preeminent resources on Marek’s here at BYC in article form, The Great Big Giant Marek’s Disease FAQ. Make sure you have read it...
  3. jolenesdad

    Thankful for YOU - 2020

    Happy Thanksgiving! This is always my favorite time of year, because showing gratitude is very... fulfilling. We all know it’s the members here who keep us coming back over and over again and make this the best community online. I wanted to start a “thankful” post last year to recognize my...
  4. jolenesdad

    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest - What’s Your Hobby

    Winners Announced Here! This contest is brought to you by our BYC Sponsors (click to view & support them) Welcome to the Official BYC Mini-Contest What's Your Hobby? This is a RANDOM Winner Contest... We want to know what you love! Whether you're lucky enough to have a hobby that pays the...
  5. jolenesdad

    Pineapple on Pizza?

    If you think NO WAY.... please visit this thread to make your voice known in the poll. much thanks. If you eat pineapple on your pizza, this plea is definitely not for you.
  6. jolenesdad

    My feed store has Weevils

    My local feed store has weevils. Like, really bad. Every bag has some sort of weevil in it, inside the bag or on the outside for sure. I bought a bag of rye grass this week and lifted it out of my truck to find a couple hundred weevils on the bed liner of my truck. this time last year I raised...
  7. jolenesdad

    Ended Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL Fall on the Farm Photo Contest

    This contest is now closed... !!Winners Announced Here!! Welcome to BYC's 2020 Spooktacular Halloween Hatch-a-Long contest #3 - FALL ON THE FARM. We want to see your fabulous fall photos! The rules are simple: feature any poultry in your photo. Additional animals are allowed, but the poultry...
  8. jolenesdad

    How To Take Better Photos Of Your Chickens

    There’s a whole SLEW of exciting contests coming on BYC, both with the Hatch A Longs and many others from the official BYC contest page. Every year there’s a BYC Calendar Contest, and, there’s a weekly Picture of the Week column too! Because there are so many opportunities to share your birds...
  9. jolenesdad

    Fecal Float Questions

    I’ve started learning to do my own fecal floats. I’ve got a couple of questions and I’m hoping someone may have advice or help or additional links and info... (ie @casportpony 😬😬😬) or even help IDing (ie @Sue Gremlin) :) @KsKingBee thoughts? I have five or six symptomatic birds. Potential...
  10. jolenesdad

    Different age goslings

    I purchased three goslings almost a week old and they are almost three weeks old. One of them passed away this week from wry neck. All season long I have had an order for a trio of African from Meyer for their last available date on 6/17. I was intending to cancel it when I located these three...
  11. jolenesdad

    Weak gosling found on back

    I found a gosling on her back this morning. Hadn’t checked them for two hours. 2 weeks old today. she is weak. Drinking Pooping and eating though. Sleeping in my arms for two hours but still weak. gave poultry cell. She eats mazuri waterfowl starter. Is this a niacin issue possibly? Any ideas?
  12. jolenesdad

    Letting Rabbits Roam for short periods?

    I have a space on my barn patio that is protected with gates on concrete for my rabbits. It's fairly large, like maybe 500 or so square feet, and they're enclosure is in part of that. This is also near my chicken space, that is in the same barn. They are both located in the middle of a 1 acre...
  13. jolenesdad

    Ideal Straight Run Ratios

    I got 30 straight run chicks today when I ordered 8 pullets. :-/ I had added onto my feed stores order. Idea messed up didn’t have anywhere to put them so I took them all. Now they called me and said Ideals gonna credit it and send me pullets next week. I said no thanks, there’s got to be a few...
  14. jolenesdad

    Blood in poop

    I found two bloody stools in my meat bird pen. It’s cold and wet today and I can’t tell from the birds if anyone is exhibiting symptoms, they’re all fluffed up. Does this look like a normal shed or not? There’s 60 birds in 150 sf of space and they get let out daily for a few hours right now, 4...
  15. jolenesdad

    Assisted hatching after drop

    First I'll just get it out. I dropped an egg yesterday. It bled. It's still alive. :hmm:eek: 3 eggs in incubator. 2 due Saturday One Due Today yesterday, one of the Saturday chicks had zipped and hatched and the one due today was eternally pipped. Nothing on the other Saturday egg. It is a...
  16. jolenesdad

    Thankful For You

    Happy Thanksgiving to those in the United States. In the spirit of being thankful, I thought I would start a chain of “BYC User Thanks”. :wee If you’ve been thankful for someone on the site, mention it here. I’ll start. With @aart. I have a feeling she is going to feel a little uncomfortable...
  17. jolenesdad

    Chick with severe leg issues

    *Updated this first post with gifs* I'm looking for any advice, links, information anyone has on working with a chick with a leg issue. Hatched on sep 9, two weeks ago. Three days in transit after being lost in the mail. This chick and one other presented with splay leg issues. I separated...
  18. jolenesdad

    Bone Broth Recipes

    whats your favorite way to do bone broth? I’ve got 50+ chicken backs in my freezer.... :drool Please share!
  19. jolenesdad

    Going on Three Weeks

    I have a hen that has been ill for three weeks. She has always been a sensitive one, so I am wondering if things are just compounding. It looks like now she has vent gleet. Here is all of the background. Buff Orpington Hen 1.5 years old Attacked by a hawk at 6 months, carried a half acre and...
  20. jolenesdad

    DIY Free-Range Shelters & Feeding Stations

    I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for free-range shelters for my flock. I’d like to find things for predation shelter while free ranging and also feed stations to provide shaded areas and feed my meat birds away from the coop to encourage even more movement. Added bonus of more enrichment...
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