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  1. azygous

    Five-month old Australorp suddenly lame. Update: Now another pullet going lame!

    I have some Sex-links wearing them from time to time, also. They see okay in an upward direction, so they can spot danger from the sky. They see okay downward so they can eat just fine. They can see from side to side, and some still manage to pick feathers, but the peepers cuts the feather...
  2. azygous

    what to do for the chicken suddenly became lame

    Yes, I have had this happen to three out of four of my youngest chickens, and it's a mystery. Read my thread if you're interested in comparing symptoms. I had another...
  3. azygous

    DROPPED DEAD!!!!!! (diagnosis?)

    Open her abdominal cavity and take a look. My guess is she was laying internally. This can happen to any hen, even a pullet just getting ready to lay. I had this happen to a new layer last summer. She was barely a year, had been laying for a few weeks, then no eggs for a few days, and then one...
  4. azygous

    Five-month old Australorp suddenly lame. Update: Now another pullet going lame!

    One thing May is having no problems with and that would be appetite. I'm trying to get some weight on her, and I think she may be getting heavier. She is getting close to point of lay, and it's just a matter now of having the body mass to ovulate. She's getting around, but that right leg is...
  5. azygous

    Soft egg in old hen

    She may lay a normal egg. Once. Or never again. She's getting old, though she may still look hot. Her parts are wearing out. (Tell her welcome to the club.)
  6. azygous

    Paralyzed chicken??? HELP

    Instead of my asking you a whole lot of questions, why don't you look at this thread I made for a pullet that went suddenly lame? If you see some similar symptoms, and...
  7. azygous

    Raising a single chick

    The very best way to satisfy a single chick's need to be with other chickens, not just chicks of its own age, is to brood it in proximity to the flock. In other words, rig whatever sort of brooder you would have in the house, but place it with the flock so they and the chick can relate to one...
  8. azygous

    Comment by 'azygous' in article 'Reasons for Tossing Out Your Indoor Brooder and Start Raising Your Chicks Outdoors'

    The older hens never pick on the babies. While the babies are small, they are so fast, no one picks on them. As they reach the three-month mark, the youngest hens will give them a bad time for sport. I've never, ever had anything serious.
  9. azygous

    Is this an egg?

    If it was an egg, was the yolk runny as a normal egg would be or was the yolk "cooked"? If the yolk is solid, that is not good.
  10. azygous

    Sick Hen

    Actually crop disorders are the top physical ailment chickens have. Have you checked it?
  11. azygous

    Is this an egg?

    Do you have any idea which pullet is responsible for that? Did you slice into it? Is it solid or runny? A photo shows two dimensions. Your words need to describe the third so we have the complete picture.
  12. azygous

    Welsummer Hen with splayed out leg, please advise!

    Does your whole flock have weak and crippled legs? No? Then just treat the one chicken. I cut the tablets in half and give a half of a B-100 each day directly into the beak.
  13. azygous

    My baby's are doing better

    If you look up above for the tool bar in white, on the far left it says, "find threads". Click on that and it will take you to a page with all your threads listed.
  14. azygous

    Welsummer Hen with splayed out leg, please advise!

    I don't know that you can manipulate the leg to fix it, but vitamin B therapy does strengthen legs and B-6 helps restore nerve connections. If you get one of the heavier B-complex formulas, such as B-100, you will get the B-6 in it, along with other B-vitamins. Trying to diagnose leg issues is...
  15. azygous

    My baby's are doing better

    Thanks for letting us know they're getting better. You could have updated your original thread, and then everyone would know what you're talking about. What did you end up doing for treatment? Are you...
  16. azygous

    Tractor Supply & Injured/Deformed Chicks?

    You can ask. But it will depend on the management policy. That may be the individual judgement call of the individual store manager. I've found it valuable and worth the time and effort to make friends with the store manager where I will be buying chicks. It pays off in so many ways. If they...
  17. azygous

    I can see the egg, what do I do??? (Blocked vent)

    Steamy atmosphere is better than a bath. Stress can aggravate the stuck egg by causing muscles to clench. Make that her last bath for this crisis.
  18. azygous

    I can see the egg, what do I do??? (Blocked vent)

    When an egg is stuck just inside the gate like this, it's most critical to get the egg out in the first 24 hours or death is a very real risk. Calcium citrate works the quickest. But any form of calcium you have on hand is better than nothing. Do as @coach723 says. Keep the vent lubricated. If...
  19. azygous

    Second sick hen

    She's very tiny. I'd go with one-quarter tablet twice a day or divide capsule into four doses and give the quarter twice a day.
  20. azygous

    Second sick hen

    Ignore it. Just observe the egg withdrawal during treatment and a few weeks after.
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