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    Cochin Thread!!!

    One of my Buff Cochin Pullets recently at a show.
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    Is He Still Eligible For A Show?

    A rooster without spurs is perfectly fine- I would just make sure both spurs look the same, and are the same lengths etc. If not you could loose marks in the legs/feet section of the point scale.- depending on how picky the judge is! If showing in a PCGB affiliated show, I would suggest you...
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    Poultry Show

    Class 3 (Pullet) Age: 9 months Breed: Buff Cochin
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    Peeps in Europe!

    Welcome to Ireland! What colour Orpington hatching eggs are you looking for? I might know someone that can help. Maybe also have a look at the PKCI (Poultry Keepers Club of Ireland) website breeders directory Here’s a link :)
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    How will he do?

    Ok Great. The book i have is the PCGB standards book 5th edition. It was printed in the late 1980's. There is now a 7th edition which was released just last year. Most of the standards are the same, although in the new edition, some weights of breeds may have been changed, along with new breeds...
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    Protecting a wood floor?

    I use Lino on the floors of my coops to protect the wood. Very easy to put in and replace. It also makes it easier to clean out the coops as the bedding doesn't get stuck to the wood.
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    How will he do?

    Hopefully it helps
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    How will he do?

    @Pekin747 Here’s the Brahma standard in the PCGB Standards book
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    Keep a word, drop a word!

    Good luck
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    Collecting eggs

    The oldest eggs I will use when hatching are 10 days old, but I like having them under 7 days old if possible. I normally mark the egg with the date I collected it, which helps me know how old they are when I am setting them. After 10 days, the chances of the egg developing drops quite a bit.
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    Coronation Sussex Thread!

    Thank you :)
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    Keep a word, drop a word!

    Bad behaviour
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    Latest and greatest heat plates - what are you currently using

    I currently have 2 brinsea 20 chick heat plates and they work very well. I also have 2 comfort chick heating plates (50 chick and a 20 chick). These too, work very well and I would recommend both brands.
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    Hi, I'm back.

    Welcome Back! :frow I only came back on here yesterday for the first time in almost a year :D
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    Keep a word, drop a word!

    Aggressive Rooster
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    Bantam advise needed

    Yes you Can show Bantam Brahmas. They are very popular at the PKCI (Poultry Keepers Club of Ireland) National Spring show, as well as the ISPF Irish National show.
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    For many Breeders we line breed to focus on just one line and create our own. If you kept buying in new birds, you are constantly introducing new blood, so will never create your own line, and you may also introduce unwanted traits, which can be hard to get rid of. I know of someone who has a...
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    How will he do?

    Nice Cockerel @Pekin747 If you could get a picture of him standing on the ground it would help us to be able to give you better feedback on him. From what I can see his colour looks good for a Gold Brahma. He also has nice foot feathering and nice leg colour. I see you are in Ireland? If you...
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    The Sussex thread!

    Thank you Karen :)
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    Coronation Sussex Thread!

    Here’s a picture of one of my 2018 Bred coronation Sussex Bantam pullets at a show here in Ireland :)
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