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  1. Qquails899

    Egg bound quail! Please help!

    Today I found out that one of my quails is egg bound. Her vent was prolapsed, but I could fix that. I put her in warm water for 15 minutes and now she's been in a dark place for 2 and a half hours. I gave her some ground egg shells. Still no egg. She's constantly shaking. I will bring her to a...
  2. Qquails899

    Quail with swollen eyes

    Today when I got home, I took a look at my quails and found out that one of them has swollen eyes. I immediately took her to the local vet but the problem is that he is known for misdiagnosing animals. He said it is an allergy and gave her some kind of injection. I hope he was right, can someone...
  3. Qquails899

    Weird droppings

    Today I realized that something is wrong with one of my quails. Her droppings were quite unusual. Very watery with urates and foam. She also poops more often, like every 4 or 5 minutes. She has a problem since January, she started drinking excessive amounts of water and I think it was because of...
  4. Qquails899

    Is this bumblefoot? Please help!

    Today when I picked up one of my quails I saw that one of her feet is swollen. I soaked her feet in warm water and I took the photo afterwards. I've already seen bumblefoot on a chicken but I have no idea what to do. Is this even bumblefoot? What should I do?
  5. Qquails899

    Help, my quail broke her wing!

    My coturnix quail flew out of the cage and I found her on the floor all fluffed up, gasping and with a broken wing. I think she is in a shock so I put her back into the cage and put a hot water bottle next to her. What else should I do? Please help!
  6. Qquails899

    Quail becoming aggressive

    I have two female coturnix quails. They were good friends and they were always next to each other until yesterday. One of them started to act really weird, she suddenly attacked the other one and now she's screaming at her as well. She is also losing feathers and panting all the time, which is...
  7. Qquails899

    Water coming out of beak

    My quail is drinking a crazy amount of water and eating less. She's been doing this for a long time but now I see that water is coming out of her beak more often. She shakes her head before that. What can I do to stop this?
  8. Qquails899

    My quail is acting weird

    One of my quails was being very active lately, but today when I came home, I realized that she's just standing in the cage and not moving around as usual. When I took them out of the cage, I expected her to walk around the room just like she used to, but instead she was still just standing. She...
  9. Qquails899

    Is it possible to potty train a quail?

    I keep two quails as indoor pets so I'm curious if I can potty train them. If it's possible, how do I do it?
  10. Qquails899

    Quail drinking a lot of water

    I just dewormed my quails and now one of them is acting very weird. She is more active than before, but she drinks a lot of water and her droppings are very watery. I also saw water coming out of her beak a few times. She has been like this for like 5 days and I don't know what to do. Please help!
  11. Qquails899

    Quail stopped laying eggs

    One of my quails laid a thin shelled egg about 15 days ago and she hasn't laid since. The other one is screaming every time it lays an egg, and tonight the one who stopped laying screamed two times the same way but there is no egg. What should I do?
  12. Qquails899

    Weird quail poop

    I am a bit concerned about one of my quails because her poops look like this. Are these normal or should I do something?
  13. Qquails899

    My quails look ill

    I got my first quails about two weeks ago, two female coturnix quails. They were seven or eight weeks old at the time. When they arrived, they were not eating enough, standing with ruffled feathers and eyes closed almost all day. I thought it was because of the recent change of home. They became...
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