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  1. the outdoorsman44


    ok thanks
  2. the outdoorsman44


    would quail fit through this because it is on a cage i found and didn't know if i should change it
  3. the outdoorsman44


    i am looking for any kind of bobwhites. anyone that can ship to az. i'm looking for chicks or a pair at a good price. just pm me
  4. the outdoorsman44

    Georgia Griant Bobwhite Quail Eggs and Chicks

    or do you have young pairs. private message me if you do
  5. the outdoorsman44

    Mearns Quail

    where could i get some?
  6. the outdoorsman44

    African Geese

    can you free range them?
  7. the outdoorsman44

    African Geese

  8. the outdoorsman44

    African Geese

    I was going to get some african geese but i want to know... How much space they need. What king of food do they eat and whats a good website to get it. Are they easy to take care of. And do they fly away with an open roof
  9. the outdoorsman44

    the cold is coming

    wow. i know where i am it gets pretty cold but its not quite here. and what kind of quail do you have rrtimothy
  10. the outdoorsman44

    Where are the Mearns people at?

    how much did you get them for
  11. the outdoorsman44

    the cold is coming

    thanks. i dont think it ever hits freezing but we do get some frost. i have a gambels and scaled left, one of each now and i will try to get a place for them to go. -britt
  12. the outdoorsman44

    the cold is coming

    it is starting to get cold in arizona and is there anything i need to do to keep the quail warm.:)
  13. the outdoorsman44

    Quail Pens?

    we built this for our gambels and scaled
  14. the outdoorsman44

    mountain quails

    i thought it was a really good deal. and the cage looked nice
  15. the outdoorsman44

    The "get to 1,000 pages before 12/31/12" thread

    WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. the outdoorsman44

    Post Your Game Cam Pics Here!!!

    that would be scary to find on a game cam. O_O
  17. the outdoorsman44

    The "get to 1,000 pages before 12/31/12" thread

    200 something more pages!!!!! we have about 2 months
  18. the outdoorsman44

    Quil pic's

    thank you
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