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  1. jimbo1989

    Hatching day

    Already have one pipping .pharaoh and Texas a&m mixed let’s seeeee
  2. jimbo1989

    Odd egg incubating ???

    So I have the egg in this pic curious if it could still be fertile or if anyone’s ever heard of or seen two chicks from a double yolk egg
  3. jimbo1989

    Texas a&m /pharaoh quail mix

    so I’m incubating and not so informed with genetics.was curious if my Texas a&m hen and my pharaoh males fertile eggs hatch what color variation will come from it ?will they chicks be white ,brown,mixed ???any ideas?
  4. jimbo1989

    Immunization for eggs and meat

    Do people prefer eating from birds with immunizationsor without
  5. jimbo1989

    Button quail butchering????

    Does anyone process their button quail for meat ?the eggs are senseless and aside ornamental pet bird ,I wondered if there's any good amount of meat from them ....???
  6. jimbo1989

    Homemade baton lockdown day

    Finally today I start my first lockdown on my homemade excited mostly all eggs are developed .have about ten cot eggs in can't wait to see this weekend if my hard work paid off I'll be happy with a 40/50 %hatchrate being a beginner
  7. jimbo1989

    Mix breed experiment

    Would anyone have any idea what one would get from a snowflake bobwhite hen to a standard coturnix male ????just trying it out
  8. jimbo1989

    Lockdown finally in 2days.....

    So I've been incubating some of my coturnix hens eggs it's hard candling but many show development ....should hatch this upcoming weekend .and going to lockdown in two days any one have any special suggestions for still air incubator lockdowns ?
  9. jimbo1989

    Have my coturnix and snowflake bobwhite

    Waiting for the bobwhite to warm up to her coturnix friends .she still seems to be in shock eat drinks but quiet and still in her pet cage .anyone know how many months it takes before she lays ?
  10. jimbo1989

    Snowflake bobwhite broody?

    Do these bobewhites go broody????anyone know
  11. jimbo1989

    Help breed

    Hahaha so question I'm incubating my hens eggs and I have a pharaoh coturnix wondering if it's possibly that the chicks come out in different color patterns than the parents ???any info????
  12. jimbo1989

    Incubators ????

    What brands and models would be best for a first experience .looking around now ....
  13. jimbo1989

    Quail eggs and hatching

    Would anyone know of any broody quails buttons or regular size .im looking into buying broody females to hatch the coturnix eggs.or what other bird species would be good substitutes
  14. jimbo1989

    Scissor beaks/quail

    Anyone have any idea on snacks for these special quail or special feeding ideas .i have one coturnix quail boy with a scissor beak
  15. jimbo1989

    1st time incubating(sunny side up)

    Im still new to owning chickens( 1 barrex rock roo, e.o hen, and a pair of dutch bantams.) I just bought a sunny side up incubator off ebay im on day 4 with 8 bantam eggs in it. Any advice on incubating would greatly be appreciated....hopefully ill have some more bantams for my growing small...
  16. jimbo1989

    do red broilers go broody?

    So i ended up with a red broiler .idk much about chickens its been a month since i bought my barred rock roo now this red broiler hen...has anyone had or know if red broilers go broody?
  17. jimbo1989

    first time hen owner any ideas on breed or age anyone

    got her at a poultry market wondering what age is she and maybe a breed type..sweet docile hen...
  18. jimbo1989

    is this a mix breed or pure ? any guess on age?

    Just got my family a rooster last week ang bought this girl at a poultry store...any have an idea on whats her breed, age? Ishes not laying yet:)
  19. jimbo1989

    Trying to figure out wats her breed type

    Got her at a poultry market. Such a sweet mellow girl compared to my barred rock rooster ...does any know what mix she can possibly be pretty new to the chicken world lol;)ud
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