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    Shipping LIVE birds the basics (ins and outs)

    NEVER ship any bird(s) that show any signs of being sick Use the proper box for the bird(s) you are shipping. Bigger is not always better as they can be tossed about inside. The same goes for being aware of the boxes weight limit. NEVER ship late in the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are the...
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    Comment by 'CelticOaksFarm' in article 'Paypal Egg Swap New Years Eve Name The Puppies Contest'

    The seventh brightest star in the sky, Rigel's name is from the Arabic for foot, indicating its place in the constellation Orion. It is a blue supergiant and part of a 4 star system.
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    Comment by 'CelticOaksFarm' in article 'Paypal Egg Swap New Years Eve Name The Puppies Contest'

    The sixth brightest star in the sky, Capella's name is from the Latin for little she-goat. Capella is a yellow giant star, like our own sun, but much larger.
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    Celtic Oaks Farm Breeds page

    FL NPIP FL Reg Farm Shipping all live birds: USPS EXPRESS Shipping eggs: USPS priority DUCKS Silver Appleyard ducks Ancona ducks French White Muscovy Mandarin Ducks & Wood Ducks...
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    Comment by 'CelticOaksFarm' in article 'Contest9'

    Can this please be made to include all egg art, not just with a marker since that limits it so much
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    French White Muscovy Ducks

    Duck Breed Info: Breed Purpose: Meat Broodiness: High, good mothers Climate Tolerance: All General Egg Info: Egg Productivity: Typically Seasonal Layers, however the French seem to lay longer Egg Size: Large Egg Color: White Breed Temperament: Calm, silly ducks who are highly...
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    2013 WATERFOWL Breeders Directory

    PLEASE do not post comment below asking to be added, PM an Editor/Contributor so they can add you to the list. BYC is not held responsible for any sales/trades/or swaps created by contacting anyone on the directory. Please be aware of all shipping rules and testing you must have completed before...
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    The Coop 21

    The Coop: 10' x 20' custom shed hurricane anchored on site, with automatic doors for each run, large human door, and roll up garage door for clean outs. The Runs: 2 - 7 1/2'W x 13'L x 6'H Chain link surrounded with small wire interior dual gates to gain access from the yard to the runs...
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