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  1. Wynette

    SUMMER SPECIAL!! 15 fertile, purebred hatching eggs

    My hens are still laying well, and I've caught up on my orders; so, I'm offering this special package for a few weeks only: 15 fresh, fertile, purebred hatching eggs from my exhibition-bred breeder stock pens: Five (5) Black Copper Marans hatching eggs -- I have been working my line for...
  2. Wynette

    Swollen lobe on cockerel

    I had a Jersey Giant cockerel transported (a friend attending the show took him) to a recent poultry show in Knoxville, TN for a customer. He was completely sound and in good health when I packed him up on Thursday evening. The customer unpacked him on Monday when she returned home from the...
  3. Wynette

    18+ Black Copper Marans fertile hatching eggs - bred for exhibition & dark eggs/end of summer SALE!!

    Listing for sale 18+ for less than the price of what I normally sell 12+ for!! My Black Coppers are still laying quite well; I have no idea how much longer they'll be laying before heading to molt, but it seems such a shame to be eating such lovely eggs, so I thought I'd put an auction up for...
  4. Wynette

    Blue Marans - 12+ hatching eggs

    I have a couple sets of (12+) Blue Marans (not Blue Copper, solid Blue) hatching eggs from my starter flock; these birds should be considered "project" in status, as I'm just beginning with them (I've had them a little over a year). They are not in as good of shape as the Black Coppers are in...
  5. Wynette

    * * * The APA's "Flock Certification Program * * *

    Folks, for those of your who have not read the following, this was posted in the last APA newsletter. I spoke with an APA representative, who has given me permission to re-post the information here: Flock Certification Program The American Poultry Association (APA) has received several...
  6. Wynette

    Brahma Breeders thread

    Folks, the previous Brahma thread was closed due to the bickering that broke out in the last few days. It will remain closed on the forum for future reference. We expect ALL members to work together to make sure this one doesn't end up spiraling downward. Please remember that there is ALWAYS a...
  7. Wynette

    Black Copper Marans/bred for exhibition & dark eggs (12+ fertile hatching eggs)

    Listing for sale 12+ (I try to include 2 extra per shipment) fertile Black Copper Marans hatching eggs. My flock is bred for exhibition as well as for dark eggs. In fact, the Marans Chicken Club USA recently introduced a brouchure with facts about the breed, including conformation sketches and...
  8. Wynette

    Finding Eggs-Actly the right solution for hen housing - article by Michigan State University's AgBio

    In their 2013 annual report (very recently published), this article was featured: While it's certainly not even close to how most of we BYC folks keep our chickens, it's a step in the right direction for how commercial hatcheries keep theirs, and it's very encouraging that universities are...
  9. Wynette

    Cheese Chat

    So guys, I just HAD to tell you about this wonderful cheese shop I ran across the other day. holy heck, if you're ever near Traverse City here in Michigan, check this place out. It's fabulous!
  10. Wynette

    Dr. Richard Fulton to speak at Michigan Chickenstock 2014!!

    Folks, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Fulton (see credentials below) has agreed to be a guest speaker at Michgian Chickenstock 2014!! Since his specialty is diseases, he'll be speaking on common poultry diseases - how to recognize them, preventive measure that can be taken, how to treat...
  11. Wynette

    Michigan Chickenstock 2014 - attendance

    SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 2014 is the date that's been reserved - location is Delta Mills park in Lansing. Time...well, usually it begins around 10 (though feel free to arrive earlier if you have sales items or simply want extra time to shop) and ends no later than 3 p.m. Please indicate whether...
  12. Wynette

    Backyard hens: A gateway livestock?

    Check out this super funny video... We liked it so much, Staff decided to offer her a free BYC shirt! This is so very true...and hilarious! Love it!
  13. Wynette

    Michigan Chickenstock 2014 - planning ahead!

    Attendance thread for MI C-S 2014: In the vein of starting a thread just after for the 2012 Chickenstock, I thought it would be a good idea to start one up for next year now, while ideas are still fresh in our...
  14. Wynette

    Silver Penciled Rock cockerels - help me choose between these 2

    Hi, folks - those of you who know me know that I've been working with Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks for several years now. My biggest issue with my flock (and there are many) is size - they're not large enough. I held back 4 cockerels from a fall breeding (they are both 21 weeks in these...
  15. Wynette

    Show me your light boxes - all types!

    I have seen only two on here - one by Snowbird, and I don't recall who the other member was. I have been wanting to build one for some time now, but just can't decide how to go with it. I would love to have something that's easy to take down & fold flat (or close to it) to save space. If...
  16. Wynette

    Pictures of winter waterers & how you handle?

    I've been chatting with Miss Lydia, my duck buddy about this, but I really would love to see PICTURES (not just descriptions) of how folks handle the winter watering for ducks. DH has run electric to the duck pen, and added a weatherproof/duckproof plug on the outside of their coop for the 5...
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