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  1. Smuvers Farm

    White Spot in Eye

    Here are a couple of pictures, even though you can't see it very well. It can open and close it's eye fine, but it is hazy and there's a distinctive white spot in it and it's slightly weepy. No worries about it's head. That's not an injury, just wet. Any ideas about it's eye? Fixable? Dead...
  2. Smuvers Farm

    Assistance with my *Assorted* Duck Breeds......

    TSC had these ducks, all listed as *assorted*. What breeds are they? SO FAR, we've gotten the yellow one is a Pekin and the black ones are Mallards.
  3. Smuvers Farm

    2 Years Later, Finally Painting PICs Bedroom

    My PIC (Partner In Chickens) is my (almost) 9 year old son. When we moved into our FIRST home on 7 June, 2016, we told him that his bedroom would be the FIRST room to get painted. The entire home has white walls, but this really old and brittle wall paper border that looks like it belongs to...
  4. Smuvers Farm

    FOR INFO PURPOSES: Humidity Drop After Water Addition After Lockdown

    I have 3 faverolle eggs in my incubator. Put into lockdown on the 18th. Temp good, humidity at about 67%. Last night, one pipped: Without my knowledge, my DH opened the incubator and filled it with water, simply because he said the sponges *looked dry*..... although I had JUST checked the...
  5. Smuvers Farm

    Pallet Nesting Box Designs?

    Our new friend, @tawaz accidentally PMed me instead of posting the thread.... He would like to see any designs for nesting boxes made from old pallets he can build inside his coop(s) where the birds are already laying. Anyone have any designs they can share?
  6. Smuvers Farm

    Wild Birds *Caught* in Run....

    We're finding wild birds in our run. Our run has 1/4 inch hardware cloth walls, and bird netting on top. This is what I found yesterday, although it WAS NOT tangled up in the netting until I went to feed the chickens, and it was trying to *escape* from me: Pic by P.I.C. We have a maybe 12...
  7. Smuvers Farm

    I am SO ADDICTED to BYC I............

    .... just read a thread about milking a cow... and I don't have cows.... never have had a cow.... or goats..... or anything else milkable... but I read the entire thread! :D
  8. Smuvers Farm

    Injured Hen, Culled (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

    Something got to our Brat Pack. Took off with one, we found one with head and neck and feathers, but interior gone, and one severely injured: Basically, her complete back end had been eaten off, and she was limping, almost a hobble. She was making squeaky noises. We fed her and then I...
  9. Smuvers Farm

    Anyone Canning Using Tattlers?

    As another step into becoming more self sufficient, while staying as green as possible, we're thinking about using the reusable tattler lids for canning purposes. Anyone have used them? Still using them? Any pros and cons? I'd even like thoughts from people who haven't used them. Just want...
  10. Smuvers Farm

    2 New Hatchlings Not Thriving

    We had a new batch hatch Monday thru Wednesday. These 2 are 13 and Tiny, and they both hatched Wednesday. Neither of them are taking to food or water. We have given them both NutriDrench, offered soft food, scrambled egg, yogurt, etc. We are currently using a syringe for hydration with...
  11. Smuvers Farm

    2 Day Old Hatchling Help Please (Pics Included)

    This was one of the first Hatchings, on Tuesday. DH found him tucked up under the MHP, chirping but not moving and it's eyes closed. We gave him NutraDrench and popped him back into the incubator, to rest and monitor up close. So far, it has eaten and has something to drink, its walking all...
  12. Smuvers Farm

    Thankful That We Feed Fermented Food

    At NO POINT do I recommend keeping water from your chickens… THEY NEED ACCESS TO WATER AT ALL TIMES!!!….. I am just posting what happened to OUR Peeps. We ferment feed. About 80% of our flock has been on FF since birth. We slog FF out to our chickies daily, rain snow or shine. Now, we...
  13. Smuvers Farm

    ISO Breeder Quality Buckeye Eggs/Chicks

    I am looking to start a self sustaining flock, using eggs/chicks from 2 separate breeders. I am not looking for buckeyes from a hatchery. I am looking for eggs/chicks from now through May of 2018. If you are a breeder, please let me know which strain of buckeyes you have and how many...
  14. Smuvers Farm

    ISO Buckeye Breeder Quality Eggs

    I am looking to start a self sustaining flock, using eggs/chicks from 2 separate breeders. I am not looking for buckeyes from a hatchery. I am looking for eggs/chicks from now through May of 2018. If you are a breeder, please let me know which strain of buckeyes you have and how many...
  15. Smuvers Farm

    Now for Everybodys Favorite Game To Play..... SEX MY CHICKENS!!! (OT Allowed)

    We have 7 chickens, 2 pics each. Here they are with their names, in alphabetical order. PS. I can take better pics at another time. DH was helping and I SHOULDA USED THE PIC INSTEAD. Man can NO ONE follow directions anymore?!?!? Yeesh!! BEAN ( @Embalmergirl ) CASPER CODY
  16. Smuvers Farm

    Culling Dual Purpose for Meat

    Although I know the pullets/hens are used for eggs, let's say too many have hatched out and you want to cull them for meat. At what age would be appropriate for a good sized DP bird?
  17. Smuvers Farm

    Smuvers 1st CP (Cattle Panel) Coop

    I will TRY to post a cost analysis along with the photos however, YMMV because we had some of the materials already. It was really amazing to myself and DH at how easily this thing came together! Cutting down 2 boards to an 8ft. length. 8ft x 8ft frame. 2 cattle panels...
  18. Smuvers Farm

    What, exactly, IS a *Flock*?!?

    DEFINITION: flock1 fläk/ noun noun: flock; plural noun: flocks 1. a number of birds of one kind feeding, resting, or traveling together. "a flock of gulls" synonyms: flight, congregation, covey, clutch "a flock of birds" a number of domestic animals, especially sheep, goats, or geese, that...
  19. Smuvers Farm

    Official Squatch Watchers

    A SQUATCH WATCHER is a group of people who had been following a thread about a feral chicken, nicknamed a SQUATCH, after sasquatch, because the OP was the only person who had the *sightings* of the Squatch. So far, a roo has been discovered, but no hen. Although us Squatchers keep yapping in...
  20. Smuvers Farm

    Is This Normal?

    I am currently incubating a barnyard mix. They're looking good! One of the eggs I received is a bit smaller than the other eggs, which I have no problem with. My curiosity is, although we see movement inside the egg, the air pocket looks extremely big... and it seems like the chickie only...
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