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  1. donrae

    Comment by 'donrae' in article 'Making Money with Chickens - Yes, you can!'

    Nice article! I especially like the links, how handy!
  2. donrae

    Donrae's Flock

    This page will be updated as my breeding pens change. It should reflect what I currently have available for swap or sale for hatching eggs. 5/16 Main flock--Rooster Eric. Chicks will be Camo Eggers. Eric is a true barnyard mix. His lineage started with a Buff Orpington rooster over a Red...
  3. Rae's Easy Weeknight Enchiladas

    Rae's Easy Weeknight Enchiladas

    Welcome to my recipe page for Easy Enchiladas. First, let's clarify a few things...... Go back and re-read the title of the recipe. I'm Rae, and this is my recipe. What kind of a name is Rae, you might be asking? Well, it's a White Chick's name. So this is White Chick's enchiladas. I make no...
  4. donrae

    donrae's swap page

    I"m finally able to offer eggs! Here's a link to my flock page Besides eggs, I have...... Plant starts.... Orange Day lilies. These naturalize wonderfully and have a nice long bloom time late spring/early summer. The foliage has a nice...
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