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  1. AllenK RGV

    So my cat has gone back into his winter weight class

    He is currently sitting on DWs lap the wind is from the north tonight. He outweighs a possum 3:1 and will take any who come but he cannot listen to the weather forecasters like we can. I like my cat regardless of being 13 or 15 pounds. If you are a rat or other night foraging animal killing...
  2. AllenK RGV

    I really do like VA medicine

    I just needed to send an IM about my lungs feeling crudded up and had a couple of inhalers and guiafenesin suspension in the mail. No clue if we had covid here at the house but symptoms were manageable with the addition of these items. This stuff helped a lot. Sure I can not go there in person...
  3. AllenK RGV

    So I rehashed some old memories and still hate living with scorpions

    I have blacklight flashlights so I can venture into the back yard at night without fear of these buggers. They(flashlights) are amazonable and generally use 18650/26550 batteries. they do light these little critters up.
  4. AllenK RGV

    Tone Deaf Congressional Rep Filemon Villa- sent me a "Happy Vet Day" Email

    This is under random ramblings as I am a vet. Please never thank me for my service as initially I was just a minion. I believed I was serving the state. I never go out chasing vet freebies at resteraunts as after reviewing documents published from the "Chilcot report" know that my brothers lives...
  5. AllenK RGV

    Dog Frisbees for the Belgian Malinois breed.

    Ok our family goes through 1-2 frisbees a month. We do not lose them they just wear out in that bitey bitey grab hold and tug mouth. The original Whammo ones have great flight characteristics but wear out fast. ~US $8- The Kong versions are highly durable but fly like stones my dog isn't fast...
  6. AllenK RGV

    Life before frisbees

    I can not imagine how it was to train a Belgian Malinois before the invention of the frisbee ca. 1950. This "found" animal is pretty impressive when I throw a catchable one. I need to go to walmart later and buy a couple more of them as he has pretty much bitten through these.
  7. AllenK RGV

    Is BYC having performance issues?

    I get 65-75mbps download speeds and lately this site is acting slow. Occasionally just taking about 1 minute just to add a like to peoples posts. Frequently, I get transported back to 1995 waiting for an image to download. What gives? Neither my system nor my connection speeds and speedtest...
  8. AllenK RGV

    Your best looking Silkie crosses and opinions

    I have a love hate relationship with the Silkie section of my flock. However they do make for some very interesting crosses at times. My silkies aren't true silkies but SilkieXCochins. I have one cockerel that is a Silkie mutt cross with a Black Sumatra hen that is with us. He has the power of...
  9. AllenK RGV

    What catalogs do you like in the mail?

    I personally like the Jeffers one. Recently I like the Uline version as I have OHSHA issues here too. I would really love to hear your experiences.....I mean they sell gloves that will stop a rattlesnake bite. For Uline I ordered once and now get a catalog quarterly.
  10. AllenK RGV

    I just got a data security breech notification

    No idea if it was from BYC as I do recycle passwords. I know it is not on my end of things as I run a tight ship with data protection and a defensive posture. With Malwarebytes pro plus AV. Being a former IT pro I lock it all down. Except for my sloppy password recycling.
  11. AllenK RGV

    Random Dog musings

    So my wife and I have one dog each and three free loaders they just care for the 7AM/PM feeding schedule. DW's dog is Dippity Dog Malinois. I'm not a fan of sloppy kissy slobery orally fixated breeds and he has that in spades. I rescued a street dog about 3 years ago though who is a lightweight...
  12. AllenK RGV

    Random things that just show up on your porch.

    Some folks get bears, but we don't today's porch monkey was a Texas Indigo Snake. Remarkable species and wife grabbed an awesome photo of it. If you google them you can find videos of them eating rattlesnakes.
  13. AllenK RGV

    So I picked up my 14 year old claw monster

    He seems to still have claws. This cat has cost me a fortune over his lifetime having reason to remove them all one by one. Granted I love the cat and the possums he kills. Just my random musings.
  14. AllenK RGV

    Tractor Supply Stopped Stocking my feed

    Ok I was using a TSC Dumore 24% feeder grower for my flock for the last year with unlimited free range time on the side. It seems they stopped stocking it, so I ordered stuff I was going to use as an alternative. They are now charging for ship to store about in excess of $10 per 50# bag. I have...
  15. AllenK RGV

    DW's attempt at making a chicken spreadsheet

    We are totally unable to count all of our chicken. The silkies breed like roaches and die stupidly as well. We came across last falls attempt at a count of them all today and I found it humorous.
  16. AllenK RGV

    So I am thinking of making a bachelor pad for my roosters

    Silkie roosters that need to be taken out of the breeding population. We do not eat these cup'o'soup guys. There are a few though that guard their hens while egg laying and show real rooster skills. To be honest I have the pad already ready for them now just the wife and I have to make the...
  17. AllenK RGV

    Our neighbor is looking to rehome "Snow" a Pyrenees

    This dog is a real sweetie but kept chained and needs a job he is an escape artist from the chain and fences. We can probably work out transport for this guy if we can locate a responsible owner for it. He needs to be fed more as he is only about 90 pounds and more than likely a mess medically...
  18. AllenK RGV

    Silkie keepers and Silkie drama

    In the last 7 days I have had much silkie drama. I have only kept the breed since April 2019. Deaths and unexpected births. Does anyone else experience this with this breed? I am starting to think they just need confined to their run and not be allowed to free range. It started with a neighbor...
  19. AllenK RGV

    Pretty funny Hurricane ramblings

    We came through Hanna just fine but flooding was an issue. We saw things we can not unsee and found humor in this situation as we were never in any danger, but.... has anyone ever seen anything like this? I must say I live on the US/Mexican border. We aren't culturally settled yet. In funnier...
  20. AllenK RGV

    So if a Hurricane comes through should the news cover it?

    I am highly upset with my news team. They suck they still have yesterdays 9am broadcast up here: after a Cat 1 borderline 2 storm rolled through(as of this posting). I found they did have live broadcasts on facebook about 5 hours after my major...
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