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    Sorry, I am just now seeing your comment! What are you looking to trade? I cannot ship fewer than 8 ducklings and most of what I hatch are only in small quantities so it would really depend on hatching and such
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    My Swap Items (will try to keep updated) 2-3 goose eggs . SEBASTOPOLS- full curly, lavender smooth chested, blue splash full curly, saddleback full curly and saddleback smooth chested Pack of colored zip ties, large and small, variety of colors. I use them for legbands (250 pack) (image...
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    :) Very good advice and the pictures are great!
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    Ducks galore! I own and operate a small duck business out of Southern Maine. Al's Quackery has many different breeds to choose from: Welsh Harlequins, Khaki Campbell, Pekin, Fawn and White Runner, Cayuga, Blue Crested Swedish, Buff, and Muscovy (blues, chocolates, black and white, lavender...
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