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  1. Redhead Rae

    Horrifically Good Chicken Knick-Knacks

    I remember a thread a while back where people where posting all the chicken knick-knacks that were so horrifically bad that they were awesome. But.... I couldn’t find the thread. Well, I came across this gem on Facebook and I couldn’t let it go to waste. The meme commentary makes it even better.
  2. Redhead Rae

    Jubilee Cornish Pullet

    My best looking Cornish pullet so far this year. She's a Jubilee. A Dark over White Cornish combo. She can be used to breed to White or back to Dark.
  3. Redhead Rae

    Houston, We Have a Hawk Problem

    My in-laws (who live in a house behind ours) looked out their back window onto our shared backyard and saw something next to one of our brooder pens. It wasn’t one of our adult guineas. It was the wrong color. They get a little closer and see it is a hawk trying to get at my replacement guineas...
  4. Redhead Rae

    I think I cooked 14 guinea eggs in lockdown

    I have 14 guinea eggs that are supposed to hatch tomorrow. I moved them to the hatch incubator last night and refilled the water dish I use for humidity. I just went to see if any had hatched early and/or how many pipped eggs I had. When I opened the bator the air that came up out of it was hot...
  5. Redhead Rae

    LF Dark Cornish Hatching Eggs

    LF Dark Cornish hatching eggs. $50 a dozen + shipping ($15.05 for express, more for priorty).
  6. Redhead Rae

    Wild Goose Adoption - The Duck-duck Geese

    I have a cute story. My brother is here for a week or so visiting with my parents (they live down the lane from me). He and my parents went to Weston (about 45 min from us) to go shopping this morning. In the middle of the road in the center of town, they found this little baby wandering about...
  7. Redhead Rae

    Contender for Next Year's Breeding Cock

    This 4.5 week old LF Cornish cockerel is really looking like a good contender for next year's breeding cock. Look at the shanks on him already!
  8. Redhead Rae

    Gaping chick - is this normal?

    My chick is doing this weird gaping thing after it eats/drinks. Is this normal?
  9. Redhead Rae

    HELP! Dropped day 19 egg.

    Can you guys help? I was moving my day 19 eggs to my lockdown bator and I dropped one of the eggs. it s badly shattered. I'm wondering if I should put coconut oil on the exposed outer membrane. Any other suggestions would be welcome. There is some blood and I can't tell if there s movement.
  10. Redhead Rae

    What does Chocolate and Splash look like in a chick?

    I just had an unexpected hatch from my Bantam Cochin/Chocolate-Mauve Orp mixed chickens. The original hatch was from Splash/mottled Bantam Cochin Roosters over Chocolate and Mauve (blue/chocolate) Orp hens. So, my Rooster is splash but is split for chocolate (so the single chocolate gene doesn't...
  11. Redhead Rae

    Surprise chicks

    One of my Bantam Cochin/Chocolate Orp girls hid something from me. Not sure how many babies have or will hatch. My FIL does the morning feed and found this little one. I don't have any starter on hand, fed it to my main flock after I was done hatching for the year. I guess DH is going to...
  12. Redhead Rae

    LF Cornish - Crossing White/Dark to work towards White

    Update: I'm turning this into a story thread so people can follow my progress going forward. I got one LF White Cornish Pullet out of a batch of shipped eggs I got last year. Two chicks hatched but the cockerel that hatched with her died of suicidal stupidity. These are the best images I have...
  13. Redhead Rae

    Greenfire Farms "Collections"

    I've been interested in getting birds from Greenfire Farms but they are SOOOOO expensive. I'm considering getting one or more of their "collections" (Rainbow Egg Layer Mix, Rare Breed Mix, or Table Bird Mix) because the price is greatly reduced. $249 for 12 + shipping instead of the normal $75+...
  14. Redhead Rae

    New nickname needed for the Milk Drinker

    All my Squatch Watcher buddies know who the Milk Drinker is. For anyone reading this that doesn’t know, the Milk Drinker is my 2.5 year old son. He was given this nickname by either @staceyj or @Texas Kiki, I can’t remember which. Well, his milk drinking days are coming to an end and he needs a...
  15. Redhead Rae

    Guinea cock chasing chicken hens.

    I have 4 guineas that are about 5 months old. I know I have two females and I believe the other two are males. The two confirmed females are smaller and I've seen them both making the "buckwheat" call. The other two are bigger and I've seen one of them making the single note male call. These...
  16. Redhead Rae

    Using Bantams in the raising of Large Fowl chicks

    I have 7 Bantam pullets (Bantam Cochin/Chocolate Orpington) and 1 cockerel, Tiny, that is even smaller than the pullets that I am keeping in the paddock with my main flock, but in their own PVC run. I am keeping them separate because they are itty-bitty and I think my LF Cochin cock will crush...
  17. Redhead Rae

    How common are off-color sports? (Dark Cornish)

    I think I have a white sport from my LF Dark Cornish breeders. This is what my Dark Cornish chicks usually look like. This is what the suspected sport looks like right now. It is only 3 days old at the moment, but the wings are coming in white. I'm really excited and hope this baby is a...
  18. Redhead Rae

    One month old chick with slipped tendon

    I think one of my 1 month old Dark Cornish cockerels has a slipped tendon. I went out to catch an escaped guinea and thought I should take a look at all my chickens. I noticed this chick was limping and was hopping on one leg. It looks like a slipped tendon to me. Is there anyway to fix this or...
  19. Redhead Rae

    Unexpected hatch. Chick rubbed raw on turner.

    About 2 weeks ago, I found my Dark Cornish sitting on 9 eggs. I thought they had stopped laying so I hadn't been checking. One hen was broody, but isn't good with eggs (she already smashed a few) and a horrible mother. So I moved the eggs into the incubator and I knew I would have a staggered...
  20. Redhead Rae

    Getting a Mauve Orpington Chick from Chocolate parents.

    I have an Orpington chick who someone has told me looks Mauve (chocolate with one blue gene on top). I have 3 hens (small standard size hens) from one source. My cock and one other hen from another source. This is the cockerel with 2 of the 3 girls shown above after they got sun-faded. I...
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