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  1. Puffles

    Meet Puffles

    My white alpaca, Nally, gave birth to a very special boy on August 30th, 2018. His name is Puffles! This is him as a little baby: His mother: sorry for the big floofy head... Sorry this is a blurry picture.... it’s a picture of a picture. He’s about a month old in this one: Him now, next...
  2. Puffles

    My goats and chickens don’t get along...

    Lately, my small farm has been a mess since I came back from the hospital... courtesy to my friend, @AnimalGeek23 for taking care of my farm. However, when I’m not there, things are different. When I got back I was warmly greeted by my poultry and goats and horses. I thought everything was fine...
  3. Puffles

    What breeds?

    Hey y’all! Just joined! Just wondering what breed these two cuties are!! Their names are Uno and Stella, and they are the most adorable fluffs I’ve seen in a while!!
  4. Puffles

    Hey chickens peeps!

    Hey everyone! :frow I joined BYC after lurking around for a while, and I’m so glad I made that choice! :D I live on a farm in Florida with over 23 chickens and poultry, 12 goats and sheep, 3 cows, 9 rabbits, and 5 horses. I also have 3 cats and 2 dogs :p Hoping I’ll recieve a buncha great info...
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