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  1. le_bwah

    A video of hens scratching in the sunshine

    Everything's going smoothly, just wanted to share a vid from this morning of the birds reacting to treats. I'm pleased with how my setup has turned out—a better windbreak and intact grasses encourage "snuggling" at night and more movement during the day. The girls even managed to put on...
  2. le_bwah

    Does anyone have a "quail cam" setup they can recommend?

    I've taken to leaving my phone in the pen for a few minutes while the hens are active post-feeding, but I'd like to set up a semi-permanent camera to record their antics (and maybe figure out who is fear-flying around sundown). Does anyone have a camera set up in their pens, and if so, what...
  3. le_bwah

    Coturnix Quail and the Cold

    After almost three years of fretting over my quail's wintertime safety and comfort, I finally feel confident in their ability to weather the cold. These are a few things I've found helpful in helping quail remain comfortable in sub-freezing temperatures. Quail lose heat fastest through their...
  4. le_bwah

    Bumblefoot vs Neomycin: a Backyard Study

    This will be my attempt at treating bumblefoot in Coturnix quail using Tricide-Neo, a Neomycin-based dip for koi fish. I'll be sharing my process and outcomes for others who find themselves in my position. I've got not one but six hens with bumblefoot—this is my first time encountering the...
  5. le_bwah

    Seeking help: treating bumblefoot in quail?

    So I did my weekly "foot inspection" on the flock and found two hens with startling cases of bumblefoot, one on the foot pad and one on the toe. Will post pics as soon as I have another set of hands to hold the camera. I have general knowledge of treating this condition in chickens, but my...
  6. le_bwah

    Vent prolapse and urate-y poop—egg bound?

    Hello all—I've got a 1-year-old Coturnix quail hen who presented with a prolapsed vent last night. I cleaned her up and stuck it back in, along with a little hydrocortisone to help with swelling. This morning her vent looks MUCH better (can't get a good picture as she hates being held) but now...
  7. le_bwah

    Vent prolapse and urate-heavy droppings—egg bound Coturnix quail?

    Hello all—I've got a 1-year-old Coturnix quail hen who presented with a prolapsed vent last night. I cleaned her up and stuck it back in, along with a little hydrocortisone to help with swelling. This morning her vent looks MUCH better (can't get a good picture as she hates being held) but now...
  8. le_bwah

    Quail and Intestinal Worms—Any Ideas?

    In the last two weeks, most of my hens have quit laying and one appears to be losing substantial weight—I don't have a scale but her keel is recently more prominent. I thought it was due to an overly aggressive rooster, but now I'm concerned it could be intestinal worms. All birds are eating...
  9. le_bwah

    Quail hen aggression toward rooster?

    The flock has been mostly peaceful up until three days ago—one of my Golden hens (Violet), began chasing my rooster (Not-Curley) and pecking the back of his head. Right before she does it, she makes an odd growling vocalization, sticks her head straight out, and puffs up her feathers until they...
  10. le_bwah

    Quail Aviary 2.0

    Immediately after finishing construction on the aviary, I started designing an expansion. It started small, just a brooder or a breeding pen. But then "quail math" struck—I realized it's not a matter of if I'll get more quail, but when. The more I thought about it, the more inadequate the...
  11. le_bwah

    How long between crowing and laying?

    I was under the impression that hens resume laying around the same time the boys start crowing—given 14 hours of daylight, I think? We're still below 12 hours at my latitude, yet my roos are crowing. Is it likely the girls will follow suit shortly, or should I expect eggs later in the spring?
  12. le_bwah

    Coturnix and the Cold

    Wanted to state for any fellow worrywarts searching for answers—Coturnix on the ground can handle freezing temps. They huddle together at night (when it's in the teens here), but are otherwise active during the day. Tarp up their enclosure (with ventilation!) to keep the wind off and give them...
  13. le_bwah

    Another winter readiness question thread...

    I know there's been about a gajillion posts over the years from people asking if their chickens/quail or what-have-you are going to make it in the cold, and I'm here to add one more. I haven't been able to dig up a definitive answer in old threads as to when low temperatures become dangerous to...
  14. le_bwah

    Looking to expand: open-roof aviary?

    I've been doing the quail math and it looks like I'm gonna need a bigger cage. Two of my young hens showed broody behavior last summer (which I may have interrupted with frequent handling :() and I would LOVE if they could give me some chicks next year (and if they don't hatch out their own, I...
  15. le_bwah

    Funny quail egg?

    A few days ago, one of my youngest hens laid a shell-less egg. A couple days after that, she laid a white egg. Today she laid a weird two-tone one with lots of little bumps. Here's a picture, normal egg on left for comparison. I haven't IDed which girl it is yet, but I know it's the same one...
  16. le_bwah

    Moving chicks outside: time to acclimate to heat?

    I have eight chicks (quail, if that matters) that are two and a half weeks old, feathered except for their heads and breasts. The plan was to move them to a grow-out pen inside the main outdoors enclosure to let them get to know the current flock. They'll have plenty of water and shade, but I'm...
  17. le_bwah

    Will his feathers grow back?

    One of my sweeter boys was recently attacked by an aggressive roo who took patches of his head feathers out. The left side looks a bit scabby but I haven't seen him bleed. When should he get his feathers back?
  18. le_bwah

    Got eggs!

    I was turning over the bedding when I felt something round. It's eggs! I have no clue when they started or how many more there might be, but at least one of my girls is laying. Love how speckled they are, and how the speckles are more reflective than the rest of the shell. I hope after culling...
  19. le_bwah

    Chick with twisted neck?

    Everyone from my last hatch is happy and healthy except for one little chick. His head twists off to the side; not hanging, just as if the spine is curved. I've been treating him like he has wry neck, and while I'm sure the vitamins can't hurt, I'm worried about him. He doesn't seem to be...
  20. le_bwah

    Woke up to babies!

    For this hatch I tried the dry incubation method, and I'm super pleased with how it worked out. I've got two squirmy little babies in there right now, with four more pipped. These little goldens will be joining their friends outside in three weeks.
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