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  1. welasharon

    The Ko Shamo Thread

    I have had o shamo and find their personalities so awesome. These guys are too cute. Are they as game as the o shamo?
  2. welasharon

    Does this look like mareks disease*pics*

    I went through this with polish as well. I have a lot of different breeds but they are the only ones to come down with it. I decided not to vaccinate. It's been a few years now and I have not had any more problems but I also have not had any more polish come in. I am left with three polish hens...
  3. welasharon

    How are you and your flocks doing months or years after Mereks

    It's been a few years since my dealing with Mareks in some tolbunt polish chicks from Greenfire. I knew nothing of it but did some research. I decided to not vaccinate. From my undertstanding it doesn't prevent them contracting the disease only the tumors that kill them. I cannot remember...
  4. welasharon

    The bumble foot has gotten worse :(

    I am having success with some bumblefoot herbal stuff from moonlight herb farms, or something similar! I have a hen who I could not seem to get it cut out of her foot and I got tired of cutting on her. It took a while but it seems to have done better than anything else has.
  5. welasharon

    Mystery - Greenfire Farms Cream Legbars Dying

    Mareks was my guess also. I lost some of my tolbunt polish from Greenfire to Mareks a few years back. Mine began to be unstable. Then they would fall to the side and not be able to get up. Eventually they became unable to move. The legs would splay one to the front and one to the back. I do not...
  6. welasharon

    vaccinating chickens for marek's disease

    Marek's is in my soil apparently. The only chickens of mine who have contracted it are the polish. I don't, and won't, vaccinate because it doesn't prevent it. It only keeps them from developing the tumors. I would rather lose the susceptible ones than continue breeding them. I haven't had any...
  7. welasharon

    Red swollen backs, help

    Is this near the oil gland?
  8. welasharon

    2X Failed Bumblefoot Surgery, What to do Next?

    I have a hen that is constantly getting bumblefoot. Finally I bought some herbal stuff from Mile High Farms or something like that. It has worked on the bumble. It takes a while but it eventually got it out. I started out using it topically and then boyh orally and topically. She has gotten a...
  9. welasharon

    The Heritage Rhode Island Red Site

    I did the same thing. It was listed as the second saturday in January on the Florida shows list. I am so annoyed. sharon
  10. welasharon

    PLEASE HELP!!!! Mites? please see picture

    I can't really tell from the picture but do you see bugs or is it that the feathers are missing?
  11. welasharon

    Rooster's dew claw infected

    A picture would help as well. I like to use warm warm and Epsom salts. You may need to get some injectable penicillin from TSC if it doesn't seem to be responding to the soaking.
  12. welasharon

    Breda Fowl thread

    Thank you. That's a little bit closer! sharon
  13. welasharon

    Breda Fowl thread

    I really like them too and could kick myself for not hatching any. I had a blue cock and now am left with two hens. One white and one black. I read where they were from but cannot remember now where. I know there has to be someone nearby!
  14. welasharon

    Breda Fowl thread

    I contacted them first. I got my three from them four or five years ago. She said they sold out shortly after that. I'm about 45 minutes from them. Nice place.
  15. welasharon

    Breda Fowl thread

    Yes and our humidity is suffocating as well. If I can find some within driving distance I would prefer it. Otherwise I'll have to try more eggs or wait till fall. I bought a dozen recently and had someone hatch for me and only got one.
  16. welasharon

    Breda Fowl thread

    I'm concerned about the heat for shippng. We are well up into the 90s now during the day. I hoped there would be someone within driving distance. sharon
  17. welasharon

    Breda Fowl thread

    I am looking for someone with Breda near the North Florida area. Upper to mid Florida. Lower to mid Alabama or Georgia. I lost my roo and would like another. Have two hens now. Sharon
  18. welasharon

    Breda Fowl thread

    Anyone in North Florida or South Georgia have breda? I need a male of any color. I have one blue and one black female.
  19. welasharon

    BYC Member Interview - welasharon

    Thanks. I need to be more active here. Now that it's summer maybe I can.
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