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  1. Moonkit

    Dogs that watch over chickens

    She is a smooth coat Border Collie.
  2. Moonkit

    Dogs that watch over chickens

    With my dog.. we lucked out and got one that had both a predatory instinct and a protective instinct, but not a herding instinct. As well as a high train-ability. Its about setting boundaries with the dog and sticking too them. One trick I've found is that you need to teach the dog to...
  3. Moonkit

    my German Shepherd killed 3 of my hens

    On the contrary.. I've found that its about setting boundaries and teaching the dog what is allowed and what is not allowed. When I first got my chickens, I knew my border collie was possessed of a strong hunting instinct. So the first thing I did was introduce her to the chicks while they...
  4. Moonkit

    Can a broody hen incubate a cockatiel egg?

    No.. there's an actual technique to feeding young birds like parrots. if you just try to squirt it in, you risk suffocating them. You also need to use a special diet for the babies, plus, like the others said, you're feeding every two hours or so (you can find lots of videos on Youtube about...
  5. Moonkit

    If a Hen had un-fertile Eggs, Would She Still Brood Them?

    You can try putting an add out in the local area that you're looking for someone with broodies. Alternatively.. if you really want your hen to go broody.. stop collecting eggs for a few days.. let a nest build up a clutch.. someone should get interested in it pretty soon.
  6. Moonkit

    Buy it Now - Sapphire Hatching Eggs 12+

    Well.. final count is 6 live chicks out of 14 eggs.. pretty good for shipped eggs. Eggtopsies showed no development in the rest except for one who looked like quit 2-3 days before hatching day (yolk and intestines weren't retracted). Oh well, I'm happy with the ones I've gotten and am hoping...
  7. Moonkit

    Buy it Now - Sapphire Hatching Eggs 12+

    After pulling one egg at Day 19 for being obviously infertile/undeveloped.. I went out yesterday to see this: So far.. I've confirmed 6 chicks from the 14 eggs you sent me.. hoping a few more pop today! Are the chicks supposed to be yellow? I thought they'd be white.
  8. Moonkit

    Two hens setting one nest?

    My hens often pair up to hatch eggs.. in fact, I have a pair on a nest right now and I've confirmed that they've hatched 3/5 shipped eggs so far (more might hatch today). The pic below was taken this morning, and there are atleast 3 chicks under them, but in hiding.. it was a bit chilly out...
  9. Moonkit

    Moving a setting hen?

    My hens usually form pairs in nestboxes when broody.. but they usually cover all the eggs just as well. I'll even leave pairs together when I move them. Like the the four broody bantams I have now.. One is a frizzled cochin and the other is a cochinXd'uccle cross.. they decided to pair up and...
  10. Moonkit

    Entire Flock Attacked... help please!

    Double check your fence.. are there any holes or missing planks where something might have squeezed in or dug under? The damage really sounds more like a dog, but the only think I could imagine that would have the ability/desire to scale a 6ft wood fence would be a very determined husky-type...
  11. Moonkit

    Moving a setting hen?

    I've always moved my hens out of the coop when I'm going to let them set on fertile eggs.. but I think the success in doing so has alot to do with how much the hens are used to being handled. I'm very hands on with my hens... picking them up, carrying them, hand feeding, etc.. so for my...
  12. Moonkit

    Chicken MASSACRE

    pictures are worth a thousand words. Just last week, I watched a fox easily scale a 7ft wood fence from a standing start. He/she went up it as easily as a cat. You may want to consider a more protective breed of dog.
  13. Moonkit

    chick banding danger

    Just keep an eye on them.. once they start looking too snug.. snip them off and put new ones on.
  14. Moonkit

    Day 24 none hatched?

    Certainly possible.. I'm sorry your hatch didn't go well. I hope it doesn't stop you from trying again (after getting that heating element fixed)
  15. Moonkit


    You may want to consider running a fogger with Oxine into her cage for a short period daily: Maybe it'll help?
  16. Moonkit

    Help integreting Bantams to Brahmas, age difference, in coop

    Also.. if you have a particularly mean brahma.. you can always put him/her in the cage to cool their heels in "chicken jail"
  17. Moonkit

    Help integreting Bantams to Brahmas, age difference, in coop

    Do you free range at all? Is it possible to let the bantams out and let them have the run of the coop when the brahmas head out to free range? You're doing excellent so far in having them in a place where they can all see each other but not hurt each other. How are the brahma's acting...
  18. Moonkit

    Day 24 none hatched?

    It involves heating water to around 98-99 degrees (temp of the incubator) and floating the eggs in it (as long as you can confirm there are no internal pips). If they eggs sink.. they're bad completely. If they float, they may still be all right.. if they rock by themselves, you have live chicks!
  19. Moonkit

    Day 24 none hatched?

    Candle them and do a float test would be a last ditch effort, I think.
  20. Moonkit

    HELP in unicorporated DuPage, IL (possible bullying?)

    That's another odd thing.. I went back and looked at all there codes.. I can't find anything pertaining to keeping farm animals and the ordinances for that.. I can only find the occasional mention of horses and that they need to have a defined amount of square feet of stabling (275 feet actually).
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