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  1. Chucken

    Question about siding for coop

    Sounds toxic to me. Try a wash oif vinegar on a test piece. I've heard that vinegar will turn wook silver gray.
  2. Chucken

    Sliding Pop Door

    This is how I ended up doing it. I cut the door hole 12” wide X 12 ¾” high. The extra ¾” lets me install a door sill. I then took the cut out panel and lined it up on a larger sheet of siding and cut out a 14” X 15” panel, after lining up the outside so the panel grooves would line up...
  3. Chucken

    Opinions Please

    If windows are your only means of ventilation, then the higher the opening the better as far as removing stale air or heat, but I really don’t think there would be any difference if they swung from the top or bottom. You still have the same size hole. The windows on the coup I am building...
  4. Chucken

    New to

    Don't use walnut chips, toxic to animals.
  5. Chucken

    Jen's Hen Pen

    Sun Jun 26: For the last several days (except yesterday, my oldest grandson’s 3rd birthday party), . . . I have been working on the sliding pop door design and construction. There was a lot if trial and error and measure 3 or 4 times and cut 5 or 6 times. This is how I ended up doing it...
  6. Chucken

    New to chickens and coops

    what is the name of the roof panels you are using?
  7. Chucken

    Jen's Hen Pen

    Fri Jun 17: To install the window, I used the circular saw to make a plunge cut into the panel, following the4 inside edge of the frame. That’s the frame to the left. This can be dangerous if you don’t control the saw. I had a couple of kick backs, which, luckily got the frame instead of...
  8. Chucken

    Nest box pictures?

    Quote: I built my nest boxes, then screwed it into studs on the sides and bottom of the box. You can see the screw heads in the photo.
  9. Chucken

    Jen's Hen Pen

    I'll try to cut the hole for the window in the front door, then vacuum the floor and coop real well so they don’t get covered with sawdust in the “play house”.
  10. Chucken

    Jen's Hen Pen

    This has been really good therapy for me. It brought me out of my winter hibernation, off my fat butt and away from stupid facebook games. After a toooooo long a winter, it’s nice to get out to the shop and exercise by brain, muscles and tools. All that and I get to make one of my kids happy...
  11. Chucken

    Jen's Hen Pen

    Sat Jun 11: Spent the whole day cutting, fitting and attaching trim on the Nest box and left wall. The nest box is done except for linoleum and paint. Outside Inside Disassembled for cleaning Sun Jun 12: Finished the trim on the left wall. Glued and nailed up the siding on the front...
  12. Chucken

    laying box design

    The coop is still under construction, but the nest box is done except for linoleum and paint Outside Lid up to collect eggs Inside Disassembled for cleaning
  13. Chucken

    Staples vs Screw and washer...what to do, what do to!!?

    I started with screws and washers, but when I went to face the raw edges with 1” X 4”’s, there was too much of a gap, so I removed the screws and used ¾” poultry staples. They sit flush with a good pounding.
  14. Chucken

    Washing sand for run- is it necessary??

    When I had a salt water reef aquarium, I washed the sand by filling a 5 gallon bucket about 2/3 full, then stuck a hose to the bottom and turned the water on hard enough to agitate the sand, but not wash it over the lip. The bad stuff will float to the top and wash over the side, leaving clean...
  15. Chucken

    Jen's Hen Pen

    Thu 6/9: Jenni (the daughter) and Jacob (the grandson) came over to help (neither of which is pictured, that’s Rusty on the right and Roxie on the left. We worked on the nest box lid. I cut out the parts and Jacob placed them into position for me. Fri 6/10. Placed the finishing touches...
  16. Chucken

    My new coop!

    Neat and clean looking. What does it look like on the inside?
  17. Chucken

    Jen's Hen Pen

    Jen, why don't you and Jacob come by any time after 8 am. Thats when I turn on the heavy equipment. Tue 6/7: Trimmed, glued and nailed up the siding on the left wall. Cut out the holes for the window and nesting boxes. Cut and assembled the shell for the nest boxes. WED 6/8: Why won’t my...
  18. Chucken

    Depth of sand in the coop.

    Thank you all for your help. Dbounds10, I am making this coop for my daughter, and after she saw a picture of your coop, she decided she wanted sand rather than shavings. She thought it looked very neat and tidy. I think shejust wants to draw designs in the sand. Joe Pa, yes, I am WAY old...
  19. Chucken

    SmartSide Siding

    I looked at the stuff yesterday at Lowes and questioned the insulation capabilities since it is “engineered” of who knows what, especially if it was made in China, and that it is less than ½” thick. I settled for T1-11 siding at about $38 a sheet. You probably get winters a little chillier...
  20. Chucken

    Jen's Hen Pen

    Jacob would just LOVE to come to Grampa's and play with the tools and paint.
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